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British Merchant Seamen in the Second World War

By Bennett, G. H. and Bennett, R.
1999, Hambledon Pr
ISBN 1852851821
Hardcover, 287 pages

Descripton: This book looks at what actually happened when a ship was sunk by mine, aircraft, surface raider or U-boat. It is a graphic account of how ships were attacked and sunk, how the crew reacted, how they attempted to launch their lifeboats and how they often ended up swimming or clinging to debris. Death might come at any stage. It also looks at the responses of U-boat crews to survivors and the way in which the German submarine arm chose to regard their "enemy". This is one of the first books to list as one of the sources in the bibliography.

From the review: This is a fascinating scholarly work which exhaustively treats all aspects of the survival of British merchant seamen who experienced the loss of their vessels in World War II, moving beyond the figures of tonnage sunk and ships lost to examine indiv ...
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