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(Six years U-boat mission)

By Spiess, Johannes
1932, Ediciones Populares Iberia, Madrid-Barcelona
Hardcover, 84 pages, 64 photos
book is in Spanish language

Descripton: Details the author's 6 years of sailing on submarines. Spiess was the First Watch Officer of Otto Weddigen, whose SM U-9 sank the three cruisers HMS Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy (12,000 tons each) off the Hook of Holland in 75 mins. 1,460 British sailors died in this world shattering demonstration of the U-boat's terrible capabilities.

Interesante libro acerca de las primeras hazañas de los submarinos en la I GM. Muy ilustrado, interesantes fotos de la época.

- This book has been translated from another language.