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Przyjaciel z Barcelony

By MacKay, Scott
(A Friend In Barcelona)
1998, Wydawnictwo Adamski i BieliƱski
Hardcover, no illustrations
The book is a fiction
book is in Polish language

Descripton: Novel, partly based on the U-570 story. During a heavy depth charging the crew rebels against the officers and a revolutionary type XXI U-3007 is being surrendered intact to the British. Captain Weiss, a fanatic Nazi, character patterned loosely after Kretschmer, orders one of the sub officers, Goerlitz, to escape the POW enclosure, sneak his way to Burrow-in-Furness and blow her up. Contrary to the U-570 story, the escape is successful, and later on it becomes a mixture of a Needle with Force Ten From Navarona.