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Erikoismiehet Iskevat

By Karhunen, Joppe
(Specialists Strike)
1971, Otava Oy, Helsinki
book is in Finnish language

Descripton: This book contains about a dozen chapters, each describing a specialist from one of the branches of the defense forces in WWII: a radio intelligence officer, a captain of a mine layer, an MTB captain, an air gunner, etc. One chapter tells about submarine captain Antti Benjamin Leino and how his sub destroyed a Soviet sub by ramming in 1942. There is also the story of how his sub dived too deep and too long evading enemy depth charges, leaving half the crew unconscious when the boat finally surfaced again. Another chapter tells of Finnish Air Force Captain Birger Ek, a sub hunter squadron leader who also personally made several attacks against enemy submarines, and held the war sortie record for his unit. The tactics developed and used are also described.