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Ofredens hav - Östersjön 1939 - 1992

By Linder, Jan and Lundberg, Lennart
(Unpeaceful sea - Baltic Sea 1939 - 1992)
2002, Infomanager Förlag Jan Linder
ISBN 9163120356
Paperback, 224 pages, 61 photos, 10 sketches and maps
book is in Swedish language

Descripton: Much of this book covers the war in the Baltic Sea 1939-1945, including fates of Swedish ships in World War II, and Russian, German and Finnish battles in the Baltic Sea and the massive loss of German transport ships in 1945. The book also describes post-WWII events, such as when a Soviet sub ran aground at Tormuskär, 16 nautical miles from one of the most important Swedish naval base areas in the country, outside Karlskrona in southern Sweden in 1981.