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Lone Wolf

The Life and Death of U-Boat Ace Werner Henke

By Mulligan, Timothy P.
1993, Praeger
ISBN 0275936775
247 pages, 12 photographs.

Descripton: The author chose a tricky subject to explore in this work. Henke's personality is difficult to understand from his actions, and the situation is compounded by previously published stories about him that might be biased. Henke served on U-124 with Jochen Mohr under Georg Schulz, legitimately won the Oak Leaves late in the war as CO of the U-515, sank the British liner Ceramic, was captured by Daniel Gallery's Guadalcanal-led task force, and was shot to death at Fort Hunt, Virginia while a prisoner of war. He is portrayed as being everything from a superb U-boat commander to 'a typical clean-cut, arrogant, ruthless Junker who gloried in the war.' The author provides reasonable, if not completely convincing, explanations for all the questions that are raised by this man's wartime record.

- This book has been translated into other languages.

From the review: This well written and researched book (amongst other sources such as interviews with surviving U-boat commanders and Henke's personal records, the extensive and very comprehensive files of the U-Boot Archiv, ...
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