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Sinking of the Montrolite

An Internet Odyssey of Discovery Uncovering the Story of a Fateful Night in 1942.

By Constant, Alan R.
2002, Alan R. Constant
ISBN 0968927114
Paperback, 102 pgs, photos and official documents

Descripton: The Canadian Imperial Oil tanker Montrolite was sunk by U-109 during Operation Drumbeat. This is the story of the sinking and how the author used the internet to locate official documents (Canadian, British and German), newspaper and eyewitness accounts, and put them together to tell the final story. More information is available

From the review: This is an interesting approach to a wartime history. It doesn't tell us much more than is available in some other Merchant Navy histories, although some errors are corrected. Montrolite, a Canadian Imperial Oil tanker, was sunk by U-1 ...
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