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Dowódcy U-bootów w II Wojnie Swiatowej

By Savas, Theodore P. (editor)
(Silent Hunters)
2003, Wydawnictwo FINNA
ISBN 8391788334
book is in Polish language

Descripton: Authors include some of the top U-Boat authors working today, including: Tim Mulligan (on Merten), Eric Rust (Guggenberger), Jordan Vause (Oehrn), Gordon T. M. Kelshall (Kapitsky), Dwight Messimer (50-page article on Eck and the trial) and Admiral Erich Topp. Topp's piece is a wonderful, very personal article about his relationship with Endrass, written while he was on patrol just after Endrass' death.

Ksi¹¿ka zawiera biografie asów U-bootów (E. Endrassa, K.F. Mertena, R. Kapitsuy'ego, Fritza Gugenbergera, Victora Oehrna, Heinza-Wilhelma Ecka, napisane przez ich kolegów i historyków specjalizuj¹cych siê w historii U-bootów.

- This book has been translated from another language.