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Fatal Decisions

Errors and Blunders in WWII

By Blandford, Edmund
1999, Airlife, Shrewsbury
ISBN 1840371048
Hardcover, 242 pages, 77 photos

Descripton: There are chapters concerning submarines, e.g., Triton on target (HMS Triton torpedoed HMS Oxley), Athenia Torpedoed (U-30 torpedoed Athenia), The hero of Scapa Flow, His Majesty's U-boat (U-570), Attack on Oregon (Japanese I-25),The Submariner's Lot (HMS submarine Sunfish, USS S-26, USS Tullibee). Includes other interesting chapters about the army, navy and air war.

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Ships hit by U-boats. Athenia
Allied Warships. HMS Graph
Allied Warships. HMS Oxley
Allied Warships. HMS Sunfish
Allied Warships. HMS Triton
Allied Warships. USS S-26
Allied Warships. USS Tullibee
U-boats of WWII. U-30
U-boats of WWII. U-570

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