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One Common Enemy

The Laconia Incident: A Survivor's Memoir

By McLoughlin, Jim
2006, Wakefield Press, 1 The Parade West, Kent Town, South Australia 5067
ISBN 1862546908
Softcover 200 pages; 13 pages of photographs

Descripton: The author recounts the chaos and carnage of war at sea that led him to a fateful rendezvous with a much loved ship from his boy-hod, the passenger liner Laconia. Nostalgia turns to disaster when Loconia was torpedoed by U-156 in the South Atlantic. Despite a remarkable rescue attempt by a courageous compassionate foe, the author was condemned to a drifting lifeboat and a harrowing voage of death and madness. It is a story of a desperate personal battle for survival, but also a moving narrative of innocence lost and a lifelong battle with confronting memories. Publisher's Web Site:

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