The U-boat war in Maps

Middle and South Atlantic

This is where the U-boat destined to become part of the Far East Monsun boats had to travel through in order to reach their bases in the east. Many did not survive these waters in 1943 and 1945.

U-boats lost in the South Atlantic

German U-boats lost in the Mediterranean. Interesting on this map are the locations of U-604 (Kptlt. Horst Höltring) and U-185 (Kptlt. August Maus). U-185 rescued half of the crew including its commander, with U-172 (Kptlt. Carl Emmermann) taking the rest, when U-604 was scuttled after bomb damages on 11 Aug, 1943 and headed home but was sunk herself less than two weeks later with the loss of 14 men from U-604. U-172 managed to bring the rest of the crew back to France.

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