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Tyske ubåtmannskaper i norske farvann 1940-1945. (German U-Boats in Norwegian Waters 1940-1945)

By Svein Aage Knudsen
(U-boat war.)
2006, DANOR forlag, Arendal, Norway
ISBN 9788291117683
Hardcover, 288 pages, 150+ pictures
book is in Norwegian language

Descripton: This is a Norvegian version of "Deutsche U-Boote vor Norwegen 1940-1945 (2005, Mittler & Sohn Verlag ISBN 3813208419)" From's description of the German version: "This book is the first book ever written focusing on the U-boat war in Norwegian waters. It deals as well with social aspects, not only the pure military aspects of this topic. This new Norwegian version has more pictures than the German version and regarding some issues it also goes more in depth than the German version. It also has index of persons and ships (not in the German version).