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Angrepet på Black Watch

Angrepet på Black Watch

by Isachsen, Harald
(Operation Judgement) (2009, Harald Isachsen)
ISBN 978-82-998024-2
Description: The Fleet Air Arm last offensive operation in World War II This book deals with the FAA last offensive operation on the Norwegian coast in which 84 ...
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Catalina mot Ubåt

by Hartmann, Harald
(Catalina against U-boat)
ISBN 8299219442
Description: This is about the RAF 333 (Norwegian) Squadron and what Mr. Hartmann took part in during WWII.
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Den norske marines bevoktningsfartøyer under første verdenskrig

by Wilmar, Atle
(Norwegian Navy Auxiliary Patrol Vessels during first World War.) (2009, Marinebiblioteket Forlaf)
ISBN 978-82-99815604
Hardcover, 200 pages, 140 photographs
Description: Book describes all hired Norwegian Navy Auxiliary Patrol Vessels during first World War.
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Det norske Ubåtvåpen 1909-1959

by Grønneberg, H.B.M.
(The Norwegian submarine force 1909-1959) (1959, J.W. Eides Forlag)
Hardcover, 122 pages
Description: A book published with support from the Naval Shipyard and the Norwegian Accumulator Battery Company in connection with the submarine force's 50-year j ...
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Krigsdagbok U202

by Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim, Edgar (1916, H. Aschehoug & Co, Kristiania)
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Med norske ubåter i kamp

by Velvatne, Sigurd
(Norwegian submarines in battle) (1954, Bergen)
278 pages
Description: Contains crew rosters of the Norwegian submarines in the UK during World War II.
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Svensgrunnen 12. april 1943 - uskyldige måtte ofte lide

by Bratbak, Bjørn
(The Svensgrunnen April 12, 1943 - Innocents ofte were to suffern) (2000, Sjømilitære Samfund ved Norsk Tidsskrift for Sjøvesen)
ISBN 8292217002
Hardcover, 135 pages, photos
Description: About the attack of the Soviet submarine K-21 on Norwegian fishermen at Svensgrunnen on April 12, 1943; and the K-21 crewman who fell overboard, was p ...
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by Svein Aage Knudsen
(U-boat war.)
Tyske ubåtmannskaper i norske farvann 1940-1945. (German U-Boats in Norwegian Waters 1940-1945) (2006, DANOR forlag, Arendal, Norway)
ISBN 9788291117683
Hardcover, 288 pages, 150+ pictures
Description: This is a Norvegian version of "Deutsche U-Boote vor Norwegen 1940-1945 (2005, Mittler & Sohn Verlag ISBN 3813208419)" From's descriptio ...
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Undervannsbåten UREDD

by Hegland, Jon Rustung
(Submarine UREDD) (1990, Dreyer Forlag)
ISBN 8209104942
Hardcover, 93 pages
Description: This book is about the Norwegian submarine UREDD, missing since its last mission in February 1943. In 1985 it was found by the Norwegian Navy.
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