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Angrepet på Black Watch

By Isachsen, Harald
(Operation Judgement)
2009, Harald Isachsen
ISBN 978-82-998024-2
book is in Norwegian language


The Fleet Air Arm last offensive operation in World War II

This book deals with the FAA last offensive operation on the Norwegian coast in which 846, 853 and 882 Squadrons participated. The attack was against the German submarine base at Kilbotn. In the strike the supply ships “Black Watch”, “Senja” and the German submarine U-711 was sunk. The German disposition of its land and naval forces in northern-Norway at this stage of the war is discussed, as well as how the British intelligence learned about the establishment of the submarine base at Kilbotn. Three chapters deal with the attacking British force, its ships and planes and how the operation was planned. The German base organization in the fjord and village of Kilbotn as well as life under German occupation for the Norwegians is outlined. The commander of submarine U-711, his career, missions and his superiors is depicted.

In the chapter about the actual attack the author describes in detail what is simultaneously happening in the aircraft, among the locals on the ground and the Germans in the target area. The Chapter “After the Strike” follows up on this and continues to describe the situation among the air-crews, on the ground and among the Germans when the planes have dropped their bombs and left the area. The final chapter “After the War” informs the reader about what course life of a few of the persons mentioned in the previous chapters took after the war, including pilots.

In appendixes the reader can find technical data for the Grumman “Avenger” and “Wildcat” planes, as well as a complete list of all air-crews from 846, 853 and 882 Squadrons participating in the strike. The book contains more than 70 pictures, several from the war years and the strike.

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