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By Rene D. Egle
2006, Llumina Press
ISBN 978159526698
472 pages, Paperback & Hardcover
The book is a fiction

Descripton: November 1944. Germany is losing World War II. In a last, desperate attempt to turn the tide, German High Command send a U-boat loaded with the latest in weapons technology and uranium to meet with the Japanese in the Philippine Sea. U-1706 also carries highly sensitive documents. November 2004 High in the mountains of the Black Forest at the Freiberg Institute, two young scientists make a revolutionary breakthrough during a routine experiment. Instead of a test cube, they transport an entire submarine from the past to the future. Stranded in the 21st century, U-1706 with all its crew is soon sighted in Southeast Asia, drawing the attention of American Intelligence. The two German scientists must race U.S. operatives to find the boat and make contact, to prevent the worst.