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Attack and Sink!

The Battle for Convoy SC42

By Edwards, Bernard
1995, New Guild
ISBN 1899694404
199 pages

Descripton: The story of the battle between convoy SC-42 and the Markgraf group wolfpack is told in detail from both sides of the conflict. U-82, U-98, U-207 and U-501 (Förster) play prominent roles.

From the review: This book presents the story of SC 42, a 12-column convoy which set off eastward across the Atlantic on August 30, 1941. Many of the ships, U-boats, and people involved are described in detail as the chronology unfolds. The weather itself almost cou ...
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U-boats of WWII. U-207
U-boats of WWII. U-501
U-boats of WWII. U-82
U-boats of WWII. U-98
U-boat Commanders of WWII. Förster
U-boat Commanders of WWII. Gysae
U-boat Commanders of WWII. Meyer
U-boat Commanders of WWII. Rollmann
Convoy battles. SC-42
U-boat Wolfpacks. Markgraf

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