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US fast battleships 1936-47

The North Carolina and South Dakota classes (New Vanguard)

By Lawrence Burr
2010, Osprey Publishing
ISBN 1846035104
Paperback, 48 pages

Descripton: This volume details the design, construction, and operation of the first six of the ten US fast battleships, two of the North Carolina class and four of the South Dakota class. These six battleships were all authorized in 1936 and were the first vessels built in the US since 1923. Consequently, these ships benefitted from enormous technological leaps, with improvements in ship design, power, armor, armament and the single most important improvement the use of radar guided fire control helping to change the course of the war in the Pacific. Packed with first-hand accounts, battle reports, and specially created artwork this book tells the story of these war-winning vessels.

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Allied Warships. USS North Carolina
Allied Warships. USS South Dakota
Allied Warships. USS Washington
Allied Warship Class. North Carolina
Allied Warship Class. South Dakota

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