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Razvitie zarubezhnykh podvodnykh lodok i ikh taktiki

By Khijajnen, L.P.
(Development of foreign submarines and their tactics.)
1988, Voennoe Isdatel'stvo, Moskva
book is in Russian language

Descripton: The book compares submarine fleets and tactics of Italy, Japan, Germany, USA, and the UK - the Soviet Union's main capitalist rivals in this military sphere. A sort of textbook for students of military tactics and for naval and other military officers, but the underlying theme is a warning that a submarine attack from one of these capitalist countries is imminent. Chapters include: Submarines of foreign countries in the prewar period and in World War I; Submarines of foreign countries in the between-wars period and in World War II; Foreign submarines after World War II; Trends in submarine development in capitalist countries. This is the second edition, the book was probably first published in the 1960s or 1970s.