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Bloody Biscay

By Goss, Chris
1997, Crecy Books
ISBN 0947554629
254 pages

Descripton: This book tells the story of V/KG40 (later I/ZG1). This unit flew Ju-88C long range fighters over the Bay of Biscay from 1942 through 1944, operating against the Allied anti-submarine aircraft and long range fighters that patrolled the Bay, and against the aerial traffic between the UK and Gibraltar. The book uses many eyewitness accounts from participants on both sides to give a first hand view of this campaign. It is filled with previously unpublished photos of aircraft from both sides, including many action shots of actual combat. The photos are a grimly real visual record of streaking tracers, burning, ditching, sinking aircraft, and forlorn survivors in tiny dinghies. The accompanying text provides a blow by blow account of this merciless campaign. The personalities of V/KG40 are well described and illustrated. It was Ju-88s from V/KG40 that shot down the DC-3 carrying famous British actor Leslie Howard, and this action is also described in detail. Although not directly about U-boats, this book is of interest to the U-boat historian because of the close link between the aerial campaign over the Biscay and the U-boat war.