The U-boat war in Maps

The Bay of Biscay

This body of water was known as the Valley of Death among U-boat men from 1943 onwards. At that time the RAF had gained total air supremacy all over the bay and was sinking U-boats only few hours from their bunkers. The failure of the Luftwaffe to protect the area is baffling.

German U-boats lost in the Bay of Biscay

Positions within 43.00N, 12.00W and 48.20N, 01.00W


1940. 1941. 1942. 1943. 1944. 1945.

Click on any marker to see the boat's number. Left double-click to zoom-in. Right double-click to zoom-out.

This map shows 69 U-boats lost at sea, a significant portion of the overall U-boat losses. Here the Flak-boats were experimented with in an attempt to fend of the allied aircraft. One of the means to combat the ever-present aircraft in this area was the Piening-Route of 1943.

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