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The Faustball Tunnel

German POWs in America and their Great Escape

By Moore, John Hammond
1978, Random House
ISBN 0394411587
268 pages

Descripton: This is a very interesting story about the escape of 25 POWs, mostly U-boat officers, from Papago Park, Arizona in 1944. U-boat commanders featuring prominently in this book include Friedrich Guggenberger (U-513), Hans-Werner Kraus (U-199), August Maus (U-185), Jürgen Quaet-Faslem (U-595), and Jürgen Wattenberg (U-162).

From the review: The title of this book refers to the means by which 25 German POWs, mainly U-boat officers, escaped from Papago Park prison camp in Arizona, USA just before Christmas in 1944. Led by Jürgen Wattenberg, captain of U-1 ...
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