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U-bootwaffe cz. 2

By Trojca, Waldemar
(U-boats 1939-1945)
A.J. Press, Gdansk
A4 size, 72 pages + cover + 2 pages in A3 size + insertion in B2 size, 111 b&w photos, 4 color plates including cover, 2 folded pages of drawings in A3 size, 4 pages of drawings on insertion, 10 additional drawings, 4 maps, 6 tables
book is in Polish language

Descripton: Second part of this encyclopedic study of the German U-Boat forces in World War II contains detailed descriptions of developed versions of type VII U-Boats - VII C/41 and VII C/42, and also anti-aircraft versions. We publish in this book original shipyard drawings of the U-boat which was built in the GdaƱsk shipyard. Maps of operational squares are also included.