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FR 115 (ex-Dauphin)
FR 115

TypeOcean going 
ClassRequin (36) 
Laid down 11 Dec 1922 Arsenal de Toulon (Toulon, France) 
Launched2 Apr 1925
Commissioned20 Jan 1943
End service
Loss date15 Sep 1943
Loss position40° 49'N, 14° 06'E
History French submarine Dauphin. Captured by the Italians while disarmed at Bizerta on 8th December 1942. Captured by the Germans at Pozzuoli on 11th or 12th September 1943. Scuttled by them on 15th September 1943.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
C.C. Mario Resio28 Jan 19434 Mar 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
4 Jan 19430900Ferryville4 Jan 19430900FerryvilleThe ex French submarine Dauphin was brought alongside the pier for repairs. The submarine had been captured in Bizerta in December 1942 and allocated to the Italian Navy. She would soon be renamed FR.115.

Resio, Mario29 Jan 1943Bizerta29 Jan 1943BizertaTrials of the former French submarine Dauphin in the Lake of Bizerta, interrupted by the breakdown of the oil pump.

Resio, Mario30 Jan 1943Bizerta23 Feb 1943BizertaAt Bizerta.
  30 Jan 19432130
(0) Ferryville harbour.
At about 2130 hours, the submarine ex-French Dauphin, now under Italian control (and soon to be renamed FR.115), suffered some damage from near-misses during an air raid and had two ratings killed (Vittorio Paviani and Dante Adanti).

Resio, Mario31 Jan 1943Bizerta31 Jan 1943BizertaTrials.

Resio, Mario1 Feb 1943Bizerta1 Feb 1943CarrièrePassage Bizerta-Carrière to await sailing orders.

Resio, Mario23 Feb 19431230Bizerta23 Feb 1943BizertaThe submarine was to sail for Palermo with the lighters F-479, F-480, F-477, F-544 and F-482, but when they did not show up she turned back.

Resio, Mario24 Feb 19430040Bizerta25 Feb 19430700PalermoPassage Bizerta-Palermo (via Trapani) escorted by the A/S vessel Pasman and the lighters F-479, F-480, F-477, F-544 and F-482. Attacked in error at 0230 hours on the 25th off Cape San Vito by two Italian MS-boats.
  25 Feb 19430230
(0) Off Cape San Vito.
At 0230 hours, FR.115 was intercepted by two Italian MS-boats, which mistook it for enemy. The submarine turned away and made the reconnaissance signal.

Resio, Mario26 Feb 19431740Palermo27 Feb 19431800MessinaSailed for Naples towed by Pasman and later by the torpedo boat Calliope with the lighters F-479, F-480, F-477, F-544 and F-482, but then diverted to Messina.

Resio, Mario1 Mar 19430605Messina1 Mar 19431350Vibo ValentiaPassage Messina-Naples, but then diverted to Vibo Valentia due to the presence of a submarine.

Resio, Mario3 Mar 19431130Vibo Valentia4 Mar 19431130NaplesPassage Vibo Valentia-Naples escorted by the auxiliary Pasman and two MS boats.

15 Sep 1943Pozzuoli15 Sep 1943ScuttledAt Pozzuoli since at least 3rd September 1943. She was being converted to a transport submarine when sunk by the Germans. The wreck was sold on 16th January 1946.

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