Italian submarines in World War Two

Italian Commanders

Mario Resio

Born  13 Jun 1905Genoa


  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta
  C.F.Capitano di Fregata


15 Mar 1942 Croce di guerra al valore militare
12 Apr 1946 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare

Career information

ANTONIO SCIESA (C.C. C.O.): from 12.02.1940 to 16.01.1941?
UARSCIEK (C.C. C.O.): from 10.10.1940 to 13.11.1940.
ADUA (C.C. C.O.): from 17.01.1941 to 28.02.1941.
GIOVANNI BAUSAN (C.C. C.O.): from 02.02.1941 to 30.09.1941.
LUIGI SETTEMBRINI (C.C. C.O.): from 08.10.1941 to 31.01.1942.
ENRICO TOTI (C.C. C.O.): from 31.01.1942 to 14.03.1942.
ASCIANGHI (C.C. C.O.): from 15.03.1942 to 20.05.1942?
AVORIO (C.C. C.O.): from 27.04.1942 to 20.05.1942.
SQUALO (C.C. C.O.): from 06.06.1942 to 01.09.1942.
VETTOR PISANI (C.C. C.O.): from 03.11.1942 to 13.09.1943.
FR.115 (ex DAUPHIN) (C.C. C.O.): from 28.01.1943 to 04.03.1943?
VETTOR PISANI (C.C. C.O.): from 05.03.1943 to 13.09.1943
Promoted to C.F. ca. March 1943).

Commands listed for Mario Resio

Submarine Type Rank From To
Uarsciek (UR)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.10 Oct 194013 Nov 1940
Antonio Sciesa (SC)Ocean goingC.C.12 Feb 194016 Jan 1941
Adua (AD)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.17 Jan 194128 Feb 1941
Giovanni Bausan (BN)Ocean goingC.C.2 Feb 194130 Sep 1941
Luigi Settembrini (ST)Ocean goingC.C.8 Oct 194131 Jan 1942
Enrico Toti (TO)Ocean goingC.C.31 Jan 194214 Mar 1942
Ascianghi (AS)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.15 Mar 194220 May 1942
Avorio (AV)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.27 Apr 194220 May 1942
Squalo (SQ)Ocean goingC.C.6 Jun 19421 Sep 1942
FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()C.C.28 Jan 19434 Mar 1943
Vettor Pisani (PN)Ocean goingC.C.3 Nov 194213 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Mario Resio

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Mario Resio

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.Antonio Sciesa (SC)9 Jun 19401555Brindisi16 Jun 19400750Brindisi667,4Patrolled in position S.A.17, entrance to the Bay of Cattaro. Uneventful.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)4 Jul 19400053Brindisi4 Jul 19401545CrotonePassage Brindisi-Crotone.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)5 Jul 19400000Crotone5 Jul 19401730Augusta333Passage Crotone-Augusta [mileage is from 4th July].

2.Antonio Sciesa (SC)8 Jul 19402145Augusta12 Jul 19401255Augusta426Patrolled within 10 miles from 36°30'N, 17°20'E, on a barrage line with Settimo, Settembrini, Pisani and Brin.

3.Antonio Sciesa (SC)14 Aug 19400843Augusta18 Aug 19402045Brindisi521Sailed for patrol off African coast as far as meridian of Alexandria, but diverted to Brindisi due to defects.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)24 Oct 19401448Brindisi24 Oct 19401805Brindisi10Trials.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)26 Oct 19400854Brindisi26 Oct 19401348Brindisi37Trials.

Uarsciek (UR)5 Nov 19402355Benghazi10 Nov 19401350Taranto703Passage Benghazi-Taranto using personnel from submarine Dagabur who had been brought by the destroyer Freccia. Uneventful.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)14 Nov 19401327Brindisi14 Nov 19401848Brindisi25Exercises.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)15 Nov 19400845Brindisi15 Nov 19401600Brindisi95Exercises.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)18 Nov 19401205Brindisi18 Nov 19401734Brindisi40Exercises.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)19 Nov 19400911Brindisi19 Nov 19401550Brindisi3Exercises.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)4 Dec 19400945Brindisi4 Dec 19401350Brindisi17Exercises.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)5 Dec 19401016Brindisi5 Dec 19401130Brindisi1Docked or exercises?

Antonio Sciesa (SC)7 Dec 19400900Brindisi7 Dec 19401231Brindisi17Exercises.

4.Antonio Sciesa (SC)12 Dec 19400953Brindisi21 Dec 19401330Brindisi822,5Patrolled south of Otranto Straits, within 10 miles from 39°40'N, 19°10'E. Heard H.E. but sighted nothing.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)23 Dec 19400900Brindisi23 Dec 19401348Brindisi15Exercises. Probably sailed from Brindisi for Taranto in January 1941. Disarmed from March 1941 to May 1942.

Adua (AD)18 Jan 19411608Pola19 Jan 19410255Pola64,5Sailed with the submarines Des Geneys and Bragadino, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Adua (AD)20 Jan 19410805Pola21 Jan 19410210Pola71,5Exercises with the submarine Bragadino, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera, Volta, Audace and Laurana.

Adua (AD)24 Jan 19410800Pola24 Jan 19411748Pola51,8Sailed with submarine Des Geneys for torpedo firing exercises with torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Adua (AD)28 Jan 19410910Pola28 Jan 19411745Pola55,5Sailed with the submarines Bragadino and Fisalia, for torpedo firing exercises with the sloop Diana.Escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Adua (AD)29 Jan 19410824Pola29 Jan 19411751Pola27,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Adua (AD)31 Jan 19410810Pola31 Jan 19411740Pola51Attack exercises on the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Adua (AD)3 Feb 19410842Pola3 Feb 19411741Pola19,5Exercises, escorted by the tug Tenace.

Adua (AD)5 Feb 19410835Pola5 Feb 19411812Pola48Exercises with the submarine Fisalia, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Adua (AD)6 Feb 19410859Pola6 Feb 19411708Pola7Exercises with the Tug 95.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)10 Feb 19410815Pola10 Feb 19411746Pola12Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)13 Feb 19411048Pola13 Feb 19411758Pola84Exercises with the torpedo boat Audace, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)15 Feb 19410855Pola15 Feb 19411800Pola69Exercises.

Adua (AD)16 Feb 19410938Pola16 Feb 19411640Pola53Sailed with the submarines Fisalia and Bragadino, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace. Escorted by the auxiliaries Laurana and Jadera.

Adua (AD)18 Feb 19410846Pola18 Feb 19411717Pola26Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Adua (AD)19 Feb 19410815Pola19 Feb 19411447Pola44Exercises with the submarine Fisalia, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera and the torpedo boat Audace.
  19 Feb 1941AM
(0) Off Pola.
During the morning, Adua was exercising with the submarine Fisalia and the torpedo boat Audace. Fisalia detected a suspected submarine and this was confirmed by Adua, The two submarines returned to Pola while Audace remained behind to hunt the submarine.

The contact was bogus. No Allied submarines operated in the area.

Adua (AD)21 Feb 19410920Pola21 Feb 19411715Pola50Exercises with the submarine Fisalia, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Adua (AD)22 Feb 19410849Pola22 Feb 19411732Pola44Sailed with the submarine Pisani for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace. Escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)23 Feb 19410830Pola23 Feb 19411645PolaExercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and San Giorgio.

Adua (AD)24 Feb 19410835Pola24 Feb 19411805Pola45Sailed with the submarines Fisalia and Pisani for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace. Escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)25 Feb 19410800Pola25 Feb 19411425Pola62Sailed with the submarine Toti, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio, for hydrophone exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Adua (AD)25 Feb 19411112Pola25 Feb 19411654Pola41,5Attack exercises with the submarine Fisalia on the light cruiser Bari. Escorted by the auxiliary Laurana.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)26 Feb 19410830Pola26 Feb 19411820Pola48Exercises.

Adua (AD)28 Feb 19410812Pola28 Feb 19411747Pola12,5Sailed with the submarine Balilla for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace. Escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)2 Mar 19410827Pola2 Mar 19411747Pola61Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)7 Mar 19410925Pola8 Mar 19410130Pola96Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)10 Mar 19410805Pola10 Mar 19411820Pola56Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)12 Mar 19410830Pola12 Mar 19412400Pola85Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)13 Mar 19411755Pola14 Mar 19410027Pola50Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)15 Mar 19410815Pola15 Mar 19412353Pola150,8Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)17 Mar 19410900Pola17 Mar 19411845Pola36Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)21 Mar 19410820Pola21 Mar 19411445Pola60Exercises.
  21 Mar 1941110045° 11'N, 13° 26'E
(0) 248° - Parenzo (Pore?, Croatia) - 7 miles.
Bausan sighted an unknown submarine. Probably Des Geneys or Pisani exercising in the area at that time.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)24 Mar 19410800Pola24 Mar 19411920Pola66Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio, Jadera and Laurana.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)26 Mar 19410917Pola26 Mar 19411739Pola45Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)29 Mar 19411745Pola30 Mar 19410310Pola70Exercises.

Antonio Sciesa (SC)31 Mar 1941Taranto31 Mar 1941TarantoProvided electricity to assist in the raising of the battleship Cavour.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)31 Mar 19411150Pola31 Mar 19411805Pola60,7Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)1 Apr 19410822Pola1 Apr 19411805Pola64,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Laurana.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)6 Apr 19412000Pola7 Apr 19410755Pola5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)7 Apr 19411950Pola8 Apr 19410735Pola5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)8 Apr 19412000Pola9 Apr 19410815Pola5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)9 Apr 19411620Pola9 Apr 19411720Pola4,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)6 May 19410744Pola6 May 19411915Pola73,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)7 May 19410735Pola7 May 19411720Pola58,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)9 May 19411045Pola10 May 19410204Pola141,5Exercises with the submarine Toti, escorted by auxiliary Morrhua.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)10 May 19410750Pola10 May 19411900Pola77,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)12 May 19411055Pola13 May 19410133Pola77,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio and the torpedo boat Audace.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)14 May 19410750Pola14 May 19411900Pola87,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)15 May 19410834Pola15 May 19411820Pola62Exercises with the auxiliary Jadera in zone 3.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)22 May 19410744Pola22 May 19411837Pola85,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)24 May 19410740Pola25 May 19410026Pola92Exercises with the submarines Narvalo, Pisani, Speri and Toti escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio, Jadera and Morrhua.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)26 May 19410750Pola26 May 19411836Pola71Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)27 May 19411917Pola28 May 19410230Pola87Exercises with the submarine Bragadino.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)30 May 19410755Pola30 May 19411920Pola87,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)2 Jun 19410749Pola2 Jun 19411809Pola80Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)4 Jun 19410750Pola5 Jun 19410348Pola151Exercises with the submarine Speri escorted by the torpedo boat Cantore and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)7 Jun 19411315Pola8 Jun 19410150Pola138Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)9 Jun 19410751Pola9 Jun 19411940Pola97,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)10 Jun 19411031Pola11 Jun 19410256Pola155Exercises with the submarine Narvalo, escorted by the torpedo boat Cantore.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)14 Jun 19410750Pola14 Jun 19411931Pola90,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)16 Jun 19410750Pola16 Jun 19411850Pola76,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)17 Jun 19410800Pola17 Jun 19411745Pola69,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)19 Jun 19411705Pola22 Jun 19410200Pola120,5Long exercise with the submarines Mameli and Pisani.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)24 Jun 19410750Pola24 Jun 19411802Pola177Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)25 Jun 19410600Pola25 Jun 19411645Pola178Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)26 Jun 19410410Pola26 Jun 19412320Pola248Sailed with the submarine Ammiraglio Saint-Bon for exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)27 Jun 19411015Pola27 Jun 19411110Pola3Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)7 Jul 19410800Pola7 Jul 19411900Pola70Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)10 Jul 19411800Pola13 Jul 19410242Pola466Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)16 Jul 19410746Pola16 Jul 19411920Pola76Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boats Audace and Insidioso, the auxiliary Jadera and the tug Grado.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)18 Jul 19410754Pola18 Jul 19411835Pola73Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)19 Jul 19410919Pola19 Jul 19411555Pola77,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)21 Jul 19410745Pola21 Jul 19411844Pola85,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)23 Jul 19410745Pola24 Jul 19410232Pola119Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)25 Jul 19410749Pola25 Jul 19411803Pola77,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)28 Jul 19410735Pola28 Jul 19411810Pola82Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)31 Jul 19410745Pola31 Jul 19411900Pola89,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)2 Aug 19410630Pola2 Aug 19411700Pola72Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)6 Aug 19410735Pola6 Aug 19411755Pola78,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)9 Aug 19411945Pola10 Aug 19410200Pola66,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)11 Aug 19410838Pola11 Aug 19411830Pola75Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)15 Aug 19410745Pola15 Aug 19411700Pola73Sailed with the submarine Jalea, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera, for torpedo firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)21 Aug 19410805Pola21 Aug 19411645Pola67Exercises with the submarines Adua and Mameli, escorted by the auxiliary Salvore and the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)23 Aug 19411939Pola24 Aug 19410124Pola70Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)28 Aug 19410723Pola28 Aug 19411700Pola73,5Sailed with the submarine Medusa for exercises with the auxiliary Morrhua and the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)30 Aug 19411045Pola31 Aug 19410250Pola136Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)3 Sep 19412030Pola4 Sep 19410630Pola88Exercises with the light cruiser Da Barbiano and the torpedo boat Audace.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)6 Sep 19410745Pola6 Sep 19411815Pola83Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)10 Sep 19410745Pola10 Sep 19411715Pola78Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)12 Sep 19410800Pola12 Sep 19411847Pola75,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)13 Sep 19410803Pola13 Sep 19411708PolaExercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)13 Sep 19411830Pola14 Sep 19410130Pola136,5Exercises with the submarines Jalea, Medusa and Pisani, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliaries Morrhua and Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)17 Sep 19411000Pola17 Sep 19411349Pola68,5Sailed with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera for firing exercises with the torpedo boat Audace.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)19 Sep 19410745Pola19 Sep 19411700Pola83Exercises with the submarine Des Geneys, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)20 Sep 19410745Pola20 Sep 19411340Pola74,5Exercises.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)23 Sep 19410800Pola23 Sep 19411700Pola77Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Jalea and Mameli, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliaries Salvore and Jadera.

Giovanni Bausan (BN)24 Sep 19410825Pola24 Sep 19411755Pola82,5Exercises with the submarines Des Geneys, Toti and Mameli, escorted by the auxiliaries Salvore and San Giorgio.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)16 Oct 19410818Messina16 Oct 19411143Messina25Exercises.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)17 Oct 19410200Messina17 Oct 19410919Augusta78Passage Messina-Augusta.

5.Luigi Settembrini (ST)18 Oct 19410040Augusta21 Oct 19411258Augusta453,2Patrolled southeast of Pantelleria, between 36°30'N and 36°40'N, and between 12°20'E and 12°40'E. Uneventful.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)1 Nov 19410814Augusta1 Nov 19411202Augusta31Trials.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)3 Nov 19410845Augusta3 Nov 19411458Messina78Passage Augusta-Messina.

6.Luigi Settembrini (ST)7 Nov 19410929Messina10 Nov 19411430Messina514Patrolled east of Cape Passero between 36°00'N and 36°40'N, and between 16°00'E and 16°20'E. Heard H.E. of a naval force, which passed out of range on 9th November.
  8 Nov 1941
0418 (e)

(e) 36° 19'N, 16° 22'E
Luigi Settembrini had surfaced for a pause between hydrophone watches when she was missed by four torpedoes fired from HMS Upholder (Lt. Cdr. M.D. Wanklyn, DSO, RN). The British submarine was on the surface when, at 0403 hours, a U-boat was seen at a distance of 4,000 metres by the port lookout Chief Petty Officer Swainston, Coxwain of the submarine. He alerted the Officer of the Watch Sub-Lieutenant J.H. Norman, RNVR who pointed the submarine toward the enemy, ordered the engines stopped and then slow ahead as Wanklyn was summoned to the bridge. Wanklyn did not waste time and at 0405 hours, HMS Upholder had dived. From the periscope, the British Commanding Officer could identify the enemy as a PERLA, SIRENA or ARGONAUTA. At 0418 hours, he ordered the torpedoes fired at a distance of 1,500 yards. A very heavy explosion was heard, but back at periscope depth, it could still be observed apparently stopped but disappeared shortly after. The British submarine later came across what appear to be a patch of oil. Wanklyn claimed the submarine sunk. In fact, Luigi Settembrini was unscathed and not even aware of the attack.

7.Luigi Settembrini (ST)21 Nov 19411130Messina3 Dec 19411620Messina1272,5Patrolled southeast of Malta between 34°40'N and 35°00'N, and between 16°00'E and 16°20'E (or 34°20' and 34°40'N, and between 15°40'E and 16°00'E?) on a patrol line with Delfino and Tricheco.
  22 Nov 1941215734° 20'N, 16° 01'EThe conning tower of a submarine in the process of submerging was observed. This was probably Tricheco, which had arrived earlier in the area and belonged to X.Grupsom. Luigi Settembrini may not have been aware of her presence in this specific area, although Guglielmotti, Argo and Tricheco were known to be in the general area. Contact could not be regained. There were no Allied submarine in the area.
  24 Nov 19410421-071034° 55'N, 16° 24'EThe submarine heard the H.E. of fast moving ships and correctly assumed they were enemies, but nothing could be seen. At 0448 hours, the submarine emerged to try to observe the ships and proceeded at full speed steering to 100° and, at 0503 hours, made a signal of discovery. Failing to see anything, Luigi Settembrini submerged to try to regain contact with her hydrophones and heard H.E. bearing 325°, course 135°. These were believed to be fast A/S vessels and contact was finally lost at 0710 hours, with the submarine reverting on a 087° course to regain her patrol area. This was Force K on its way to intercept the Maritza/Procida convoy. The message was acknowledged but the order to recall the convoy, made at 0630 hours, failed to get through and the two German tankers were sunk in the afternoon in 34°40' N, 21°00' E. The two escorts Lupo and Cassiopea managed to escape.
  25 Nov 19410804-093634° 55'N, 16° 24'E
(0) Approximately.
The submarine heard the H.E. of fast moving ships. This was most probably Force K retiring toward Malta.
  28 Nov 1941162434° 50'N, 16° 04'EThe submarine heard the H.E. of fast moving ships but saw nothing.
  29 Nov 19410008-021634° 50'N, 16° 04'EThe submarine heard the H.E. of fast moving ships but again saw nothing.
  29 Nov 19411416-160734° 50'N, 16° 04'EThe submarine heard more H.E. of fast moving ships but without sighting anything.

Luigi Settembrini (ST)8 Dec 19411150Messina9 Dec 19411040Taranto271Passage Messina-Taranto. Then long refit.

Enrico Toti (TO)11 Feb 19420900Pola11 Feb 19421423Monfalcone65Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Avorio (AV)27 Apr 1942Monfalcone20 May 1942MonfalconeChange in command.

Ascianghi (AS)6 May 19420850Monfalcone6 May 19421530Monfalcone66Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)18 May 19421020Monfalcone18 May 19421655Monfalcone55Trials.

Squalo (SQ)9 Jun 19420800Pola9 Jun 19421220Pola24Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)13 Jun 19420800Pola13 Jun 19421305Pola27Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)16 Jun 19420820Pola16 Jun 19421500Pola29Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)17 Jun 19421336Pola17 Jun 19421940Pola29Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)19 Jun 19420820Pola19 Jun 19421500Pola29Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)20 Jun 19420821Pola20 Jun 19421250Pola24Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)22 Jun 19420830Pola22 Jun 19421300Pola29Exercises.

8.Squalo (SQ)23 Jun 19421422Pola24 Jun 19420930Pola116Patrolled in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Squalo (SQ)25 Jun 19420900Pola25 Jun 19421444Pola30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)27 Jun 19420810Pola27 Jun 19421252Pola32Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)1 Jul 19421248Pola1 Jul 19421905Pola38Exercises.

9.Squalo (SQ)2 Jul 19421830Pola3 Jul 19421025Pola127Defensive night patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Squalo (SQ)4 Jul 19421320Pola4 Jul 19421640Pola19Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)7 Jul 19421350Pola7 Jul 19421930Pola34Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)8 Jul 19420810Pola8 Jul 19421220Pola30Exercises.

10.Squalo (SQ)10 Jul 19421830Pola11 Jul 19421025Pola127Defensive night patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

11.Squalo (SQ)12 Jul 19421900Pola13 Jul 19420900Pola82Defensive night patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

12.Squalo (SQ)14 Jul 19421830Pola15 Jul 19420915Pola114Defensive night patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful

13.Squalo (SQ)17 Jul 19422105Pola18 Jul 19420840Pola94Defensive night patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Squalo (SQ)21 Jul 19420805Pola21 Jul 19421430Pola31Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)22 Jul 19420810Pola22 Jul 19421430Pola34Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)24 Jul 19420805Pola25 Jul 19420800Pola53Exercises.

14.Squalo (SQ)28 Jul 19421900Pola29 Jul 19421012Pola107Defensive night patrol in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Squalo (SQ)3 Aug 19421410Pola3 Aug 19421900Pola30Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)4 Aug 19420834Pola4 Aug 19421425Pola32Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)4 Aug 19421730Pola5 Aug 19421012Pola97Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)6 Aug 19420814Pola6 Aug 19421200Pola26,5Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)12 Aug 19420830Pola12 Aug 19421352Pola31Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)14 Aug 19420805Pola14 Aug 19421130Pola26,5Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)16 Aug 19421230Pola16 Aug 19421830Pola31Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)18 Aug 19420825Pola18 Aug 19421024Pola18,2Exercises.

15.Squalo (SQ)19 Aug 19422350Pola22 Aug 19421500Taranto597Hydrophone watch in 39°30'N, 18°35'E then passage Pola-Taranto. Uneventful. Sighted only Italian warships and merchant ships.

Squalo (SQ)23 Aug 19421410Taranto25 Aug 19421605Pola568Passage Taranto-Pola. Sighted only Italian vessels.

Vettor Pisani (PN)4 Nov 19420812Pola4 Nov 19421815Pola48,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)6 Nov 19420800Pola6 Nov 19422135Pola43Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)9 Nov 19420710Pola9 Nov 19422035Pola37,7Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)11 Nov 19420740Pola11 Nov 19421645Pola10,6Exercises with the torpedo boat Orione.

Vettor Pisani (PN)12 Nov 19420808Pola12 Nov 19421246Pola21Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Nov 19420700Pola17 Nov 19422030Pola38,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)20 Nov 19420716Pola20 Nov 19421905Pola37Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)25 Nov 19420700Pola25 Nov 19421415Pola17Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)2 Dec 19420740Pola2 Dec 19421940Pola33Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)9 Dec 19420712Pola9 Dec 19421200Pola11Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)16 Dec 19422340Pola18 Dec 19421255Brindisi374Passage Pola-Brindisi. Then refit.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()29 Jan 1943Bizerta29 Jan 1943BizertaTrials of the former French submarine Dauphin in the Lake of Bizerta, interrupted by the breakdown of the oil pump.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()30 Jan 1943Bizerta23 Feb 1943BizertaAt Bizerta.
  30 Jan 19432130
(0) Ferryville harbour.
At about 2130 hours, the submarine ex-French Dauphin, now under Italian control (and soon to be renamed FR.115), suffered some damage from near-misses during an air raid and had two ratings killed (Vittorio Paviani and Dante Adanti).

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()31 Jan 1943Bizerta31 Jan 1943BizertaTrials.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()1 Feb 1943Bizerta1 Feb 1943CarrièrePassage Bizerta-Carrière to await sailing orders.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()23 Feb 19431230Bizerta23 Feb 1943BizertaThe submarine was to sail for Palermo with the lighters F-479, F-480, F-477, F-544 and F-482, but when they did not show up she turned back.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()24 Feb 19430040Bizerta25 Feb 19430700PalermoPassage Bizerta-Palermo (via Trapani) escorted by the A/S vessel Pasman and the lighters F-479, F-480, F-477, F-544 and F-482. Attacked in error at 0230 hours on the 25th off Cape San Vito by two Italian MS-boats.
  25 Feb 19430230
(0) Off Cape San Vito.
At 0230 hours, FR.115 was intercepted by two Italian MS-boats, which mistook it for enemy. The submarine turned away and made the reconnaissance signal.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()26 Feb 19431740Palermo27 Feb 19431800MessinaSailed for Naples towed by Pasman and later by the torpedo boat Calliope with the lighters F-479, F-480, F-477, F-544 and F-482, but then diverted to Messina.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()1 Mar 19430605Messina1 Mar 19431350Vibo ValentiaPassage Messina-Naples, but then diverted to Vibo Valentia due to the presence of a submarine.

FR 115 (ex-Dauphin) ()3 Mar 19431130Vibo Valentia4 Mar 19431130NaplesPassage Vibo Valentia-Naples escorted by the auxiliary Pasman and two MS boats.

Vettor Pisani (PN)8 Mar 19430910Brindisi8 Mar 19431620Brindisi5Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)9 Mar 19430910Brindisi9 Mar 19431600Brindisi57Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)15 Mar 19431225Brindisi15 Mar 19431445Brindisi14Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)16 Mar 19431400Brindisi16 Mar 19431540Brindisi14Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Mar 19430815Brindisi17 Mar 19430940Brindisi11,5Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)18 Mar 19431740Brindisi18 Mar 19431935Brindisi13,5Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)19 Mar 19431013Brindisi19 Mar 19431150Brindisi6,5Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)19 Mar 19432337Brindisi21 Mar 19430845Pola389Passage Brindisi-Pola.

Vettor Pisani (PN)24 Mar 19430800Pola24 Mar 19431330Pola74Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)25 Mar 19430810Pola25 Mar 19431210Pola20,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)26 Mar 19430820Pola26 Mar 19431235Pola17Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)29 Mar 19430730Pola29 Mar 19431855Pola54,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)1 Apr 19430800Pola1 Apr 19431900Pola85,7Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)6 Apr 19430800Pola7 Apr 19430056Pola73,3Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)8 Apr 19430820Pola8 Apr 19431340Pola45Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)9 Apr 19430750Pola9 Apr 19431850Pola53,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)16 Apr 19430805Pola16 Apr 19432135Pola36Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Apr 19430800Pola17 Apr 19431842Pola43,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)22 Apr 19430845Pola22 Apr 19431435Pola26,5Exercises with the destroyers Crispi and Sebenico and the torpedo boat Orsa.

Vettor Pisani (PN)23 Apr 19430800Pola23 Apr 19431300Pola29Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)27 Apr 19430130Pola27 Apr 19430735Fiume60Passage Pola-Fiume.

Vettor Pisani (PN)27 Apr 19431425Fiume28 Apr 19430045Fiume47,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)29 Apr 19431304Fiume30 Apr 19430030Fiume50,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)1 May 19431400Pola2 May 19430105Pola56,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)4 May 19431400Fiume5 May 19430030Fiume55Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)6 May 19431400Fiume7 May 19430005Fiume30Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)7 May 19431540Fiume7 May 19431710Fiume2Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)8 May 19430000Fiume8 May 19430615Pola58Passage Fiume-Pola.

Vettor Pisani (PN)15 May 19431426Pola15 May 19431855Pola26Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)18 May 19430825Pola18 May 19431223Pola22Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)20 May 19430830Pola20 May 19431251Pola30Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)22 May 19430710Pola22 May 19431100Pola27Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)22 May 19431515Pola22 May 19432057Pola39Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)23 May 19430715Pola23 May 19431159Pola34Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)24 May 19431400Pola24 May 19431910Pola36Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)26 May 19430715Pola26 May 19431320Pola28Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)26 May 19431500Pola26 May 19431945Pola18Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)28 May 19430805Pola28 May 19431100Pola20Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)28 May 19431405Pola28 May 19431855Pola23Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)3 Jun 19430805Pola4 Jun 19431310Pola17Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)5 Jun 19430805Pola5 Jun 19431410Pola24Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)5 Jun 19431500Pola5 Jun 19431920Pola16Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)11 Jun 19430815Pola11 Jun 19431310Pola18Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)11 Jun 19431505Pola11 Jun 19431840Pola16Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)12 Jun 19430630Pola12 Jun 19431215Pola25Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)12 Jun 19431516Pola12 Jun 19431845Pola15Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)16 Jun 19430807Pola16 Jun 19431230Pola14Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)16 Jun 19431430Pola16 Jun 19431910Pola7Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Jun 19430915Pola17 Jun 19431208Pola16Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Jun 19431445Pola17 Jun 19432015Pola15Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)25 Jun 19430837Pola25 Jun 19431107Pola13Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)26 Jun 19430802Pola26 Jun 19431335Pola15Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)26 Jun 19431520Pola26 Jun 19431900Pola16Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)30 Jun 19430805Pola30 Jun 19431235Pola18Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)30 Jun 19431430Pola30 Jun 19431845Pola11Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)1 Jul 19430737Pola1 Jul 19431125Pola20Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)7 Jul 19430605Pola7 Jul 19431215Pola23Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)7 Jul 19431515Pola7 Jul 19431900Pola18Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)9 Jul 19430800Pola9 Jul 19431215Pola24Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)9 Jul 19431440Pola9 Jul 19431900Pola21Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)10 Jul 19430700Pola10 Jul 19431120Pola20Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)13 Jul 19430800Pola13 Jul 19431200Pola18Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)13 Jul 19431405Pola13 Jul 19431900Pola21Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)14 Jul 19430745Pola14 Jul 19431130Pola18Sonar exercises with the torpedo boat San Martino, the auxiliary Aurora and the tug No.90.

Vettor Pisani (PN)14 Jul 19431440Pola14 Jul 19431935Pola21Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)15 Jul 19432240Pola16 Jul 19430430Fiume61Passage Pola-Fiume.

Vettor Pisani (PN)16 Jul 19431345Fiume16 Jul 19431710Fiume28Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)16 Jul 19432110Fiume17 Jul 19430050Fiume30Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Jul 19431250Fiume17 Jul 19431900Fiume33Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)19 Jul 19431012Fiume19 Jul 19431700Fiume51Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)19 Jul 19432055Fiume20 Jul 19430215Fiume45Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)21 Jul 19431030Fiume21 Jul 19431815Fiume38Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)21 Jul 19432050Fiume22 Jul 19430050Fiume35Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)23 Jul 19431000Fiume24 Jul 19430130Fiume30Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)24 Jul 19431235Fiume24 Jul 19431835Fiume30Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)26 Jul 19431000Fiume26 Jul 19431800Fiume41Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)26 Jul 19432135Fiume27 Jul 19430120Fiume30Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)28 Jul 19431030Fiume28 Jul 19431350Fiume16Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)28 Jul 19432135Fiume29 Jul 19430600Fiume81Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)29 Jul 19431430Fiume29 Jul 19432000Fiume32Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)31 Jul 19430705Fiume31 Jul 19431250Fiume37Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)31 Jul 19431440Fiume31 Jul 19431930Fiume31Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)2 Aug 19430740Pola2 Aug 19431300Pola26,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Aug 19430800Pola17 Aug 19431210Pola28Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)18 Aug 19430800Pola18 Aug 19431200Pola25Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)18 Aug 19431430Pola18 Aug 19431930Pola34Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)20 Aug 19430800Pola20 Aug 19431350Pola34,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)20 Aug 19431615Pola20 Aug 19431945Pola24Exercises with torpedo boat Clio.

Vettor Pisani (PN)21 Aug 19430800Pola21 Aug 19431150Pola16Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)21 Aug 19431430Pola21 Aug 19431925Pola34,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)23 Aug 19430700Pola23 Aug 19431226Pola34Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)23 Aug 19431530Pola23 Aug 19431830Pola34,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)25 Aug 19430730Pola25 Aug 19431230Pola33Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)25 Aug 19431500Pola25 Aug 19431900Pola24,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)27 Aug 19430800Pola27 Aug 19431200Pola24Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)27 Aug 19431440Pola27 Aug 19431840Pola20Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)28 Aug 19430800Pola28 Aug 19431200Pola22,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)28 Aug 19431440Pola28 Aug 19431900Pola20Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)30 Aug 19431500Pola30 Aug 19431905Pola27Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)2 Sep 19430800Pola2 Sep 19431145Pola29Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)3 Sep 19430800Pola3 Sep 19431900Pola43Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)4 Sep 19430800Pola4 Sep 19431810Pola47Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)6 Sep 19430800Pola6 Sep 19431910Pola54,5Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)9 Sep 19432340Pola12 Sep 19430800Taranto605Passage Pola-Taranto.
  11 Sep 1943
1555 (e)

(0) Off Brindisi.
The Polish submarine ORP Sokol (Lt. Cdr. G.C. Koziolkowski, D.S.C., K.W.) was encountered and she fired a warning shot at the Italian submarine. Vettor Pisani replied with one round. Sokol transferred Sub. Lt. Fritz and two ratings and directed the Italian submarine to Taranto, escorting her until 2220 hours. Vettor Pisani was met off Taranto by the destroyer HMS Paladin and brought in.

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