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Alberto Campanella

Born  7 Nov 1911La Spezia
Died   2004(92)Milan


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


9 Feb 1942 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
15 Apr 1942 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
17 Aug 1942 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
14 Jan 1943 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
5 Aug 1943 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

GOFFREDO MAMELI (T.V. First Officer): from 15.01.1939 to ?
UARSCIEK (T.V. C.O.): from 01.01.41 to 17.06.1941.
ZOEA (T.V. C.O.): from 18.06.1941 to 14.11.1941 (accidental sinking, later raised and repaired).
TRICHECO (T.V. C.O.): from 16.11.1941 to 31.01.1941.
PIETRO MICCA (T.V. C.O.): from 01.01.1942 to 03.02.1942.
Promoted to C.C. ca. April 1942.
ZOEA (C.C. C.O.): from 03.02.1942 to 20.06.1942.
MARCANTONIO BRAGADINO (C.C. C.O.): from 08.04.1942 to 10.04.1942.
DANDOLO (C.C. C.O.): from 24.06.1942 to 10.08.1942 (briefly replaced by T.V. Giovanni Febbraro 11-14.08.1942).
DANDOLO (C.C. C.O.): from 14.08.1942 to 24.08.1942.
SERPENTE (C.C. C.O.): from 29.08.1942 to 29.09.1942.
RUGGIERO SETTIMO (C.C. C.O.): from 29.09.1942 to 22.01.1943.

Commands listed for Alberto Campanella

Submarine Type Rank From To
Uarsciek (UR)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.1 Jan 194117 Jun 1941
Zoea (ZE)MinelayingT.V.18 Jun 194114 Nov 1941
Tricheco (TR)Ocean goingT.V.16 Nov 194131 Dec 1941
Pietro Micca (MC)MinelayingT.V.1 Jan 19423 Feb 1942
Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)MinelayingC.C.8 Apr 194210 Apr 1942
Zoea (ZE)MinelayingT.V.3 Feb 194220 Jun 1942
Dandolo ( DO, I.16)Ocean goingC.C.24 Jun 194224 Aug 1942
Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.29 Aug 194229 Sep 1942
Ruggiero Settimo (RS)Ocean goingC.C.29 Sep 194222 Jan 1943

Ships hit by Alberto Campanella

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Alberto Campanella

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Uarsciek (UR)10 Jan 19410850Taranto10 Jan 19411645Taranto45,6Exercises.

Uarsciek (UR)13 Jan 19410855Taranto13 Jan 19411430Taranto19,75Exercises.

Uarsciek (UR)18 Jan 19410801Taranto18 Jan 19411550Taranto31,5Exercises.

Uarsciek (UR)21 Jan 19410813Taranto21 Jan 19411540Taranto33,8Exercises.

Uarsciek (UR)23 Jan 19410905Taranto23 Jan 19411145Taranto19Trials, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.24.

1.Uarsciek (UR)23 Jan 19411705Taranto24 Jan 19412204Taranto159,5Hydrophone watch. Uneventful.

2.Uarsciek (UR)25 Jan 19411945Taranto26 Jan 19411710Taranto116,6Hydrophone watch. Uneventful, except for sinking a derelict mine.

Uarsciek (UR)27 Jan 19410710Taranto27 Jan 19411301Taranto28,9Exercises.

3.Uarsciek (UR)31 Jan 19410700Taranto12 Feb 19411400Taranto873Patrolled south of Otranto Straits within 10 miles from 38°40'N, 19°40'E. Uneventful.

Uarsciek (UR)28 Feb 19410930Taranto28 Feb 19411004Taranto0,5Entered dock.

Uarsciek (UR)3 Mar 19411030Taranto3 Mar 19411130Taranto0,3Entered dock.

Uarsciek (UR)5 Mar 19410820Taranto5 Mar 19411220Taranto23Exercises escorted by the minesweeper R.D.30.

4.Uarsciek (UR)6 Mar 19411057Taranto18 Mar 19411225Taranto927Patrolled south of Otranto Straits within 10 miles from 38°40'N, 19°40'E. Uneventful.

Uarsciek (UR)25 Mar 19410930Taranto25 Mar 19411000Taranto0,5Entered dock.

Uarsciek (UR)4 Apr 19411015Taranto4 Apr 19411540Taranto34Exercises with the tug Littoria.

Uarsciek (UR)9 Apr 19410930Taranto9 Apr 19411600Taranto35,8Exercises.

Uarsciek (UR)15 Apr 19410804Taranto15 Apr 19411600Taranto42,9Exercises, escorted by the pilot vessel Limbara.

Uarsciek (UR)19 Apr 19410704Taranto19 Apr 19410808Taranto1,5Exercises?

Uarsciek (UR)20 Apr 19410810Taranto20 Apr 19411355Taranto28,8Exercises escorted by the fishing vessel Sparviero.

5.Uarsciek (UR)21 Apr 19411230Taranto30 Apr 19411130Taranto870Patrolled south of Otranto Straits between 39°00'N and 39°40'N, and between 19°10'E and 19°50'E. Uneventful.

Uarsciek (UR)12 May 19410845Taranto12 May 1941Time?Taranto27,8Exercises with the submarine Menotti.

6.Uarsciek (UR)13 May 19412255Taranto30 May 19411800Taranto1933Patrolled off Egyptian coast, between 31°40'N and 32°10'N, and between 26°20'E and 27°00'E, between Sidi Barrani and Mersa Matruh. Sighted fishing vessels twice and may have been hunted by one of them on 22nd May.
  21 May 19410800-1940
(0) Near Mersa Matruh?
At 0450 hours, the hydrophones picked up the sounds of three vessels.

At 0800 hours, the noises intensified and until 1940 hours, Uarsciek was subjected to prolonged depth-charging, but escaped.
  22 May 19411000-1100
(0) Near Mersa Matruh?
At 0430 hours, a vessel was detected with the hydrophones.

From 1000 to 1100 hours, Uarsciek was depth-charged by the vessel but managed to escape. She was again depth-charged very closely at 1600 hours, and the A/S hunt went on until 0010 hours on the 23rd.

At 0040 hours, the submarine surfaced after having spent 20 hours and 30 minutes submerged.
  23 May 19410530-1800
(0) Near Mersa Matruh?
From 0530 to 1800 hours, the submarine was hunted and heard 40 depth charge explosions.

7.Zoea (ZE)23 Jun 19410840Taranto26 Jun 19412040DernaSupply mission to Derna (76 tons of ammunition). Uneventful.

8.Zoea (ZE)27 Jun 19410300Derna29 Jun 19411200Taranto1190Return trip from supply mission to Derna. Uneventful.

9.Zoea (ZE)4 Jul 19411145Taranto7 Jul 19412100DernaSupply mission to Derna (54 tons of ammunition) Uneventful.

10.Zoea (ZE)7 Jul 19412330Derna10 Jul 19411030Taranto1184Return trip from supply mission to Derna. Uneventful.

11.Zoea (ZE)17 Jul 19411030Taranto20 Jul 19412100DernaSupply mission to Derna (56 tons of ammunition). Uneventful.

12.Zoea (ZE)21 Jul 19410100Derna23 Jul 19411145Taranto1182Return trip from supply mission to Derna. Uneventful.

13.Zoea (ZE)6 Aug 19411330Taranto10 Aug 19410510Bardia?Supply mission to Bardia with 57 tons of petrol. First submarine to reach Bardia following the British evacuation.
  8 Aug 1941031034° 50'N, 21° 50'EAt 0310 hours, a submarine was sighted on parallel but opposite course. Zoea turned away.

MARICOSOM had issued orders not to attack submarines when east of 22° E and this was close to the limit.
  8 Aug 19411000
1120 (e)
34° 00'N, 23° 16'EAircraft had been seen in the distance at 0700, 0900 and 0915 hours.

At 1000 hours, a fourth aircraft was sighted and circled the submarine at a distance of 2,500 metres. It finally attacked, as Zoea opened fire with her machine guns at distance of 1,500 metres. Three bombs were dropped, falling about 20 metres from the starboard bow. The aircraft attempted a second attack from the stern, Zoea opened fire with two machine guns and, as the aircraft was 500 metres away, it was hit and crashed in the sea. Zoea did not linger on the surface as three aircraft were seen approaching and she dived.

The aircraft was Blenheim 'X' (Z.6421) of 203 Squadron piloted by Flight Lieutenant Corbould. It had sighted the submarine described as small (!) in very dark colours and with no visible armament, steering 100° at 10 knots. It released four SAP bombs, one of which was seen to fall 10-15 yards off the port bow. The aircraft was not shot down as claimed and reached Mersa Matruh.
  10 Aug 19410910+
(0) At Bardia.
General Rommel and General Count Giorgio Carlo Calvi di Bergolo visited the submarine.

14.Zoea (ZE)10 Aug 19410930Bardia13 Aug 19411430Taranto1577Return trip from supply mission to Bardia.
  10 Aug 19410910+
(0) At Bardia.
General Rommel and General Count Giorgio Carlo Calvi di Bergolo visited the submarine.
  11 Aug 1941072534° 05'N, 22° 20'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0725 hours, an aircraft was sighted and it made a stern attack. Zoea opened fire with her machine guns at a range of 1,500 metres. The aircraft replied with its own machine guns but did not drop any bomb. It circled at a distance of 4,000 metres for 40 minutes and it was believed that the aircraft was summoning other bombers to attack.

At 1115 hours, a second aircraft appeared diving from the sun. The submarine made the recognition signal but was not answered and opened fire with her machine guns at a range of 2,000 metres. The aircraft strafed the submarine but did not carry out a bombing attack.
  11 Aug 1941182534° 05'N, 22° 20'EAt 1825 hours, an aircraft flying low came from the sun and strafed the submarine. Zoea opened fire at about 1,000 metres, but one of her gunners was seriously wounded. The aircraft made the reconnaissance signal of the CAT (German Air Corps) while the submarine was plainly displaying the Italian flag. This did not prevent the aircraft making another strafing run, flasing again the CAT reconnaissance signal before flying away.
  12 Aug 1941083036° 00'N, 20° 00'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0830 hours, a French convoy was sighted at a distance of 1,500 metres, steering 110°, 10 knots. Zoea dived to avoid being seen.

Zoea (ZE)22 Oct 1941Taranto22 Oct 19410815SunkAt Taranto, sunk accidentally at her moorings. Later raised and repaired.
  22 Oct 19410815-0920
(0) At Taranto.
The submarine had just left the dock when she accidentally sank at her moorings sometime between 0815 and 0920 hours when the starboard mine hatch was accidentally opened.

There were a number of persons on board. The inquest recorded that some nineteen persons were in the control room at one time or another. Who could have opened the hatch by mistake? Three were electricians from the crew and the remainder workers from the S. Giorgio, Calzoni and Tosi firms and from MARICOST Taranto. There were crew members in other parts of the boat when the accident occurred.

The crew members did not panic and evacuated in good order. However, some of the workers panicked. The submarine sank slowly and Maggiore G.N Festuccia from the nearby submarine Ammiraglio Saint Bon, had time to run and board Zoea. He tried to close the hatches but was not in time and was thrown in the water. There were no victims. The submarine was raised on 5th November and docked. It took several months to be repaired, in time for operation HARPOON.

15.Tricheco (TR)21 Nov 19411455Augusta5 Dec 19411115Augusta1287,6Patrolled southeast of Malta between 34°20'N and 34°40'N, and between 16°00'E and 16°40'E (or and between 15°40'E and 16°00'E?). On a patrol line with Delfino and Settembrini.
  30 Nov 1941114734° 23'N, 15° 46'EAn enemy squadron was first detected by hydrophones at 1045 hours. They came into view and the submarine fired thee torpedoes (533mm) from her bow tubes at a range of 1,500 metres at a target described as a cruiser of the FROBISHER class, one of four cruisers and two destroyers steering 085° at 18 knots. These were actually Force B (the light cruisers HMS Ajax and HMS Neptune of the 7th C.S. with the destroyers HMS Kimberley and HMS Kingston) and Force K (the light cruiser HMS Aurora and HMS Penelope with destroyer HMS Lively). One hit was heard after 75 seconds, but this was not confirmed and the attack does not appear to have been observed. The British squadron only reported a CANT float plane sighted to the SW in position 34°24' N, 15°37' E at 1123 hours.

Tricheco (TR)28 Dec 19410855Augusta28 Dec 19411220Augusta26,3Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary minesweeper Tea.

Pietro Micca (MC)12 Jan 19420838Taranto12 Jan 19421432Taranto42Exercises.

16.Pietro Micca (MC)18 Jan 19421158Taranto22 Jan 19421230Tripoli648Supply mission to Tripoli (156.4 tons of stores distributed as such: 78 tons of petrol, 15.7 tons of weapons and ammunition, 18.7 tons of foodstuff).
  19 Jan 19420935
(0) Ca. 140 miles South of Santa Maria di Leuca.
At 0935 hours, three aircraft were seen and Micca dived. Bomb explosions were heard but the submarine escaped damage.

17.Pietro Micca (MC)25 Jan 19421348Tripoli30 Jan 19421400Taranto750,5Return from supply mission to Tripoli and hydrophone watch on 26-27th January, in area between 33°20'N and 34°00'N and 17°20'E and 18°00'E. Uneventful.
  25 Jan 19421200
(0) Tripoli harbour.
At noon, the submarine was visited by Generals Cavallero (Head of Comando Supremo) and Bastico (Head of Axis Forces in North Africa).

Marcantonio Bragadino (BG)8 Apr 1942Brindisi10 Apr 1942BrindisiIn Brindisi (refit?).

Zoea (ZE)16 Apr 19421400Taranto16 Apr 19421745Taranto15Trials.

Zoea (ZE)19 Apr 19421232Taranto19 Apr 19421800Taranto37Trials, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Zoea (ZE)23 Apr 19420815Taranto23 Apr 19421545Taranto42Trials, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.6.

Zoea (ZE)26 Apr 19420700Taranto26 Apr 19421250Taranto46Trials and exercises.

Zoea (ZE)8 May 19421440Taranto8 May 19421845Taranto46Exercises.

Zoea (ZE)18 May 19420830Taranto18 May 19421730Taranto56Exercises.

Zoea (ZE)24 May 19420730Taranto24 May 19421330Taranto52Exercises.

Zoea (ZE)30 May 19420730Taranto30 May 19421250Taranto46Exercises.

Zoea (ZE)4 Jun 19420800Taranto4 Jun 19421740Taranto79Exercises.

Zoea (ZE)6 Jun 19420815Taranto6 Jun 19421320Taranto33Exercises with the torpedo boat Sagittario.

18.Zoea (ZE)14 Jun 19420830Taranto19 Jun 19421435Taranto846Patrolled southeast of Malta between 35°00'N and 35°20'N, and between 15°40'E and 16°00'E.
  19 Jun 19420503At 0503 hours, the submarine Micca was sighted.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)30 Jun 19420955Naples30 Jun 19421726Naples58Trials.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)4 Jul 19420830Naples4 Jul 19421815Naples57Trials and gyrocompass tests.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)5 Jul 19421458Naples5 Jul 19422330Naples76Exercises.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)7 Jul 19420904Naples7 Jul 19421410Naples36Trials.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)8 Jul 19421400Naples8 Jul 19421541Naples23Trials.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)9 Jul 19421000Naples10 Jul 19421200Cagliari287Passage Naples-Cagliari.

19.Dandolo ( DO, I.16)13 Jul 19422100Cagliari23 Jul 19420945Cagliari1184Patrolled south of Majorca with Otaria and Emo on a patrol line between 37°40'N and 38°00'N, and between 02°20'E and 02°40'E. Briefly left her area westward to intercept a damaged enemy cruiser (HMS Charybdis) on 20th-21st July.
  19 Jul 1942134537° 27'N, 1° 57'E
(0) Approximate position.
At 1120 hours, Dandolo had been informed of an enemy cruiser and altered course to 225°. At 1345 hours, a Sunderland was suddenly sighted and the submarine quickly dived. Several bombs were heard between 1349 and 1410 hours but the submarine was not damaged.
  21 Jul 19420322
0332B (e)
37° 50'N, 2° 10'E
(e) 37° 48'N, 2° 05'E
At 0015 hours, Dandolo had submerged to carry a listening watch. At 0100 hours, several H.E. were heard and the submarine surfaced . At 0258 hours, nothing had been seen and Campanella decided to dive again. Two minutes later, sounds were heard from two groups of vessels, one bearing 185° and the other in 215°. At 0306 hours, Dandolo surfaced again and proceeded toward the first group at 13.5 knots. At 0317 hours, the lookout on the starboard aft station reported a large dark mass bearing 120° at a distance of 4,000 metres. It was identified as an aircraft carrier. This was HMS Eagle with the light cruisers HMS Charybdis and HMS Cairo, escorted by the destroyers HMS Westcott, HMS Wrestler, HMS Ithuriel, HMS Antelope and HMS Vansittart, returning to Gibraltar from operation INSECT.

At 0322 hours, the range had dropped to 2,000 metres when Dandolo fired a full salvo of four torpedoes from her bow tubes aimed at the aircraft carrier. This was a surface attack and the submarine dived upon firing. After two minutes two explosions were heard within three seconds of each other. In fact all torpedoes had missed. On board HMS Eagle, four underwater explosions were heard, one of them close.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)28 Jul 19420853Cagliari28 Jul 19421250Cagliari29Trials.

Dandolo ( DO, I.16)16 Aug 19421100Cagliari17 Aug 19420830Naples266Passage Cagliari-Naples.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)30 Aug 19420700Susak30 Aug 19421330Pola58Passage Susak-Pola, escorted by the auxiliary Jadera. Then long refit at Pola.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)2 Oct 19420828Taranto2 Oct 19421820Taranto75Trials.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)3 Oct 19420840Taranto3 Oct 19421340Taranto1,8Gyrocompass test.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)4 Oct 19420840Taranto4 Oct 19421630Taranto47,6Exercises.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)7 Oct 19421200Taranto7 Oct 19421730Taranto28Exercises.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)8 Oct 19421600Taranto11 Oct 19421000Pola571,9Passage Taranto-Pola. Uneventful.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)13 Oct 19420800Pola13 Oct 19421300Fiume71Passage Pola-Fiume.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)15 Oct 19420930Fiume15 Oct 19422230Fiume35Exercises.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)16 Oct 19421200Fiume16 Oct 19421830Fiume27,5Exercises.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)17 Oct 19421350Fiume17 Oct 19421430Fiume2,5Changed moorings.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)2 Nov 19421400Fiume4 Nov 19421238Taranto563,5Passage Fiume-Taranto.

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)11 Nov 19420815Taranto11 Nov 19421145Taranto11,8Trials.

20.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)12 Nov 19421147Taranto15 Nov 19421330TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful.

21.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)15 Nov 19421650Tripoli18 Nov 19421553Taranto1271,3Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

22.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)28 Nov 19421145Taranto1 Dec 19420930TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (31.4 tons of Italian ammunition). Uneventful.

23.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)1 Dec 19421240Tripoli4 Dec 19421600Taranto1391,7Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

24.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)16 Dec 19421130Taranto19 Dec 19420845TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (31.7 tons of ammunition).

25.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)19 Dec 19421115Tripoli23 Dec 19421345Taranto1458Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Dec 19421700The submarine was ordered to patrol in Italian Grid 8860, after two unknown vessels were reported earlier in Grid 5678 on 150° course. The submarine reverted course and proceeded to this area. At 2100 hours on 21st December, she was ordered to resume her return home.

26.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)7 Jan 19431155Taranto12 Jan 19431020TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (33.1 tons of German ammunition). Uneventful.

27.Ruggiero Settimo (RS)12 Jan 19431420Tripoli15 Jan 19431515Taranto1332,5Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

Ruggiero Settimo (RS)18 Jan 19430800Taranto18 Jan 19431300Taranto26Exercises.

86 entries. 78 total patrol entries (27 marked as war patrols) and 18 events.

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