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Commonwealth War Graves

NameCommonwealth War Graves
Date added6 Jan 2002

DetailsIn the main cemetery at Tromsö is a section called "Commonwealth War Graves". In this section the following graves can be found:

- HMS Victorious: JG Paton age 28, DW Corner 19, DR McKay 24, HH Richardson 22, AG Cannon 21
- HMS Glorious: DC Morton 23
- HMS Furious: TC Bell 21, RN Drennan 23, GJ Burns 20
- HMS Devonshire: WH Hill 31
- HMS Diadem: IG Forbes 32

- SS Chulmleigh:
M Graham 21, W Pounder 16, AG White 21, A Reid 49, RS Colvin 47,W Robinson 33, G Alexander 28, AC Hill 23, S Owens 56, J Wood 34, WM Marshall 31, TP Hume, G Jackson 26, JTH Russel 45, PW Marrit 16, DE Dennison 18.

Some other graves have no specific ship/vessel inscribed, these are as follows:
-Royal Army service corps: RB Frasier.
-Royal Navy: David Rae 39.
-Pilot Royal air force: GW Walker 24.
-Royal Air Force: WJ Daly (no age - date of death 18 July, 1944).
-Maritime Regiment Royal Artillery: GS Warren 22.
-Royal N.Z. naval vol. reserve: CI Woodward 23.
- HM Submarine X7: LB Whittam 22.

Finally, some graves have no names:
-"A sailor of the second world war SS Vibran april 1942".
-"A sailor of the second world war a captain, merchant navy".
-"An airman of the 1939-1945 war Royal Navy August 1944".

Special thanks to Dr. Tormod Eggen for this information.

Visitors infoTromsö is the main city of Northern Norway with about 60.000 residents. In addition, there are about 5000 students at Norway`s northernmost university. The town is popular amongs tourists, espescially during the summer (most of them travel by the costal steamer "Hurtigruta", which is a famous tourist attraction). 

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