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Torpedo Pal! Ponorky a ponorkari rakousko-uherskeho valecnego lodstva

by Novak, Jiri
(Fire One!)
Submarines and Submariners of the Austro-Hungarian Navy
2001, Nase vojsko
ISBN 8020605916
Hardcover, 160 pages, sketches, maps, scores of b&w photos, color photos of sub models
First Czech language monograph of the Austro-Hungarian submarine fleet and submarine battles mostly in the Adriatic. Rare subject and very good execution, highly recommended.

Zraloci Cisare Pana. Cesti namornici na rakouskych ponorkach 1914-1918

by Jindrich, Marek
(His Imperial Majesty’s Sharks: Czech Sailors in Austrian Submarines 1914-1918)
2001, Svet kridel, Cheb
ISBN 8085280752
Hardcover, 256 pages, 48 pages of b&w photos
Very interesting monograph of Czech submariners in Austro-Hungarian subs in the battles for Mediterranean in World War I. Really recommended for all who can read Czech.

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