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K Boat Catastrophe

21 Oct 2009
by GuĂ°mundur Helgason

The Dover Patrol 1914-18

10 Dec 2002
by Michael Lowrey


21 Nov 2002
by Michael Lowrey

The Kaiser's Pirates

7 Oct 2002
by Michael Lowrey

The Merchant U-boat

18 Apr 2002
by Tonya Allen

Jutland 1916

28 Mar 2002
by Ian Campbell, Launceston, Tasmania

German U-Boat Crews 1914-45

10 Aug 2001
by CDR Fraser M. McKee, Ontario, Canada

German Warships of World War I

22 Apr 2001
by Michael Lowrey

On those pages we review books which are relevant to our subject (Naval Warfare during World War One). Recent books will be most visible for obvious reasons but we'll also review older titles as time permits.

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