WWI Naval Warfare Books

German language books available online

Here below you can find all the books we know are available online (this does not include used books) and you can order them all through uboat.net.

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Deutsche U-Boote 1906-1966, Herzog, Bodo, 1993,

Marinekorps Flandern, Ryheul, Johan, 1997,

Todesgefahr über uns, Valentiner, Max, 2002,

Die U-Boote des Kaisers, Schröder, Joachim, 2003,
Die UB-Boote der kaiserlichen Marine 1914 - 1918, Bendert, Harald, 2000,
Die UC- Boote der Kaiserlichen Marine 1914-1918, Bendert, Harald, 2001,
Die Unterseeboote der Kaiserlichen Marine, Rössler, Eberhard, 1997,

Number of books available online is 7