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English language novels

Commerce War, The

by Taylor, Carl T.
Unarmed Merchant Ships against German Submarines in World War I
1999, Mountain Empire Publications, Clifton Forge, VA, USA
ISBN 0966470915
Paperback, 104 pages
Thie book is fiction, but many incidents are basically true. It should be accurate historically.

Diary of a U-boat Commander, The

by Hall, Stephen King
1920, Hutchinson & Co., London
288 pages, 18 illustrations
Download a public-domain, illustrated HTML version of this book at http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/docs/books/gutenberg/etext05/8dubc10h.zip

Hunters of the U-boat

by Margerison, John S.
1918, C.A. Pearson, London
108 pages

Land That Time Forgot, The

by Burroughs, Edgar Rice
1999, Bison Books
ISBN 0803261543
Hardcover, commemorative edition, 448 pages
An American off to World War I, who in civilian life was a builder of submarines, has two ships sunk from under him by U-33, a U-boat he himself had built. The crew of the second ship sunk manage to capture the U-boat, including its captain. Unable to get to a friendly port because they are repeatedly shelled on sight, then steered on a false course by a traitor among the merchant crew, the U-boat ends up in the South Pacific. Needing water and fuel, they make landfall on an island which they soon discover is inhabited by prehistoric monsters and ape-men. A movie was later based on this novel. Originally published 1918.

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Rules of Encounter

by Kennedy, William P.
1992, St. Martin's Press, New York
ISBN 031206182X
Novel, exposing a conspiracy theory behind the sinking of Lusitania, with Winston Churchill casted as a chief blackhat, conspiring to single out the Irish Fenians, drag US into the war, and defamate the Hun with one throw of a stone - he orders high explosives being loaded aboard the Lusitania, makes the Cunard New York representative lower the ticket prices, so that more Americans would board her, then leaks that info to the Fenians, and through them - to Germany and U-20.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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Sailor of Austria, A

by Biggins, John
1994, St. Martin's Press, New York
ISBN 0312105347
369 pages
This book is a very good read. A lot of detail is given, so one can get the feel for life in the service of the Hapsburg submarine corps of the First World War. The novel is told from the point of view of a surviving U-boat commander, who is Czech, and is reminiscing about his career in the Adriatic from an old folks' home. The novel gives one a good feeling for life aboard WWI U-boats, starting with adventures aboard a Holland-class boat, and then moving on to U-boats that Austria-Hungary had purchased from Germany.

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