WWI Naval Warfare Books

English language books available online

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Dead Wake, Erik Larson, 2015,
Death in the Irish Sea, Stokes, Roy, 1998,
The Dover Patrol 1914-18, Humphreys, Roy, 1998,

Find and Destroy, Messimer, Dwight, 2001,
Fips - Legendary U-boat Commander, Brooks, Geoffrey, 2000,

German Submarine Warfare 1914-1918 in the Eyes of British Intelligence, Koerver, Hans Joachim, 2010,
German U-Boat Crews 1914-45, Williamson, Gordon, 1996,
German Warships of World War I, Friedman, Norman and Gardiner, Robert, 1992,

Jutland 1916, London, Charles, 2000,

K Boat Catastrophe, N.S. Nash, 2009,
The K Boats, Everitt, Don, 1999,
The Kaiser's Pirates, Walter, John, 1994,

The Land That Time Forgot, Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1999,
The Lusitania, Butler, Daniel Allen, 2000,

Mystery of the Last Olympian, Richie Kohler, 2016,

Raiders of the Deep, Thomas, Lowell, 1995, (translations)
Royal Naval Air Service 1912-1918, King, Bradley, 1997,
Rules of Encounter, Kennedy, William P., 1992, (translations)

Sea Killers in Disguise, Bridgland, Tony, 1999,
Stoker's Submarine, Brenchley, Fred and Brenchley, Elizabeth, 2001,
Submarines and the War at Sea 1914-1918, Compton-Hall, Richard, 2000,

The Baltimore Sabotage Cell, Dwight R. Messimer, 2015,
The Battles of Coronel and the Falklands, 1914, Geoffrey Bennett, 2014,
The Starvation Blockades, Hawkins, Nigel, 2002,
The Victory at Sea, W. S. Sims, 2012,
Trap the U-Boats!, Alfred F. B. Carpenter, 2015,

U-boat Hunters, London, Peter, 1999,
The U-Boat Offensive 1914-1945, Tarrant, V.E., 2000, (translations)
The U-Boat War, 1914-1918, Gray, Edwyn A., 1994,
U-Boats Destroyed, Grant, Robert M., 2002,
U-Boats of the Kaiser's Navy, Williamson, Gordon, 2002,
U-Boats Of World War I, Lydon, Kelly K., 1998,

Verschollen, Messimer, Dwight R., 2002,
Voyage of the Deutschland, König, Paul, 2000,

War Beneath the Waves, Tomas Termote, 2017,

The Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids 1918, Lake, Deborah, 2002,

Number of books available online is 36