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Bangor class

128 ships

The minesweeper HMS Hythe of the Royal Navy. She was lost on 11 Oct 1943.

Technical information

Displacement672 BRT 
Length180 feet 
Complement60 men 
Armament1 3" AA gun
light AA armament varied 
Max speed16 knots
EnginesDiesel motors / Reciprocating engines (VTE) / Geared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power2000 BHP / 2400 IHP / 2400 SHP 
Notes on classThere were three variants of the class;
Diesel engined, reciprocating engined and turbine engined.
Displacement, dimensions and armament was not exactly the same for each variant.

Photographs taken by Charles James Sadler, RCNVR. First Class Stoker, Official number V-4963. 

All ships of the Bangor class

Diesel engined

Royal Canadian Navy (more on Royal Canadian Navy)

HMCS Brockville (J 270)
HMCS Digby (J 267)
HMCS Granby (J 264)
HMCS Lachine (J 266)
HMCS Noranda (J 265)
HMCS Transcona (J 271)
HMCS Truro (J 268)
HMCS Esquimalt (J 272) Lost on 16 Apr 1945
HMCS Melville (J 263)
HMCS Trois Rivieres (J 269)

Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Bangor (J 00)
HMS Blackpool (J 27)
HMS Bridlington (J 65)
HMS Bridport (J 50)

Reciprocating engined

Royal Indian Navy (more on Royal Indian Navy)

HMIS Bihar (J 247)
HMIS Deccan (J 129)
HMIS Konkan (J 228)
HMIS Malwa (J 55)
HMIS Orissa (J 200)
HMIS Oudh (J 245)
HMIS Rajputana (J 197)

Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Bayfield (J 08) (Became HMCS Bayfield)
HMS Blyth (J 15)
HMS Bude (J 116)
HMS Canso (J 21) (Became HMCS Canso)
HMS Caraquet (J 38) (Became HMCS Caraquet)
HMS Clydebank (J 200) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Orissa)
HMS Cromer (J 128) Lost on 9 Nov 1942
HMS Eastbourne (J 127)
HMS Felixstowe (J 126) Lost on 18 Dec 1943
HMS Fort York (J 119)
HMS Fraserburgh (J 124)
HMS Guysborough (J 52) (Became HMCS Guysborough)
HMS Ingonish (J 69) (Became HMCS Ingonish)
HMS Lantan (J 208)
HMS Lockeport (J 100) (Became HMCS Lockeport)
HMS Lyemun (J 209)
HMS Lyme Regis (i) (J 197) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Rajputana)
HMS Parrsboro (J 117)
HMS Peterhead (J 59)
HMS Qualicum (J 138)
HMS Rhyl (J 36)
HMS Romney (J 77)
HMS Seaham (J 123)
HMS Shippigan (J 212)
HMS Sidmouth (J 47)
HMS Stornoway (J 31)
HMS Tadoussac (J 220)
HMS Taitam (J 210)
HMS Tilbury (J 228) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Konkan)
HMS Waglan (J 211)
HMS Wedgeport (J 139)

Turbine engined

Royal Indian Navy (more on Royal Indian Navy)

HMIS Baluchistan (J 182)
HMIS Carnatic (J 199)
HMIS Kathiawar (J 155)
HMIS Khyber (J 190)
HMIS Kumaon (J 164)
HMIS Rohilkhand (J 180)

Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Ardrossan (J 131)
HMS Beaumaris (J 07)
HMS Bootle (J 143)
HMS Boston (J 14)
HMS Brixham (J 105)
HMS Clacton (J 151) Lost on 31 Dec 1943
HMS Cromarty (J 09) Lost on 23 Oct 1943
HMS Dornoch (J 173)
HMS Dunbar (J 53)
HMS Greenock (J 182) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Baluchistan)
HMS Hartepool (J 155) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Kathiawar)
HMS Harwich (J 190) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Khyber)
HMS Hythe (J 194) Lost on 11 Oct 1943
HMS Ilfracombe (J 95)
HMS Llandudno (J 67)
HMS Lyme Regis (ii) (J 193)
HMS Middlesbrough (J 164) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Kumaon)
HMS Newhaven (J 199) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Carnatic)
HMS Padstow (J 180) (To the Royal Indian Navy as HMIS Rohilkhand)
HMS Polruan (J 97)
HMS Poole (J 147)
HMS Rothesay (J 19)
HMS Rye (J 76)
HMS Tenby (J 34)
HMS Whitehaven (J 121)
HMS Worthing (J 72)

VTE reciprocating engined

Royal Canadian Navy (more on Royal Canadian Navy)

HMCS Bellechasse (J 170)
HMCS Blairmore (J 314)
HMCS Burlington (J 250)
HMCS Chedabucto (J 168) Lost on 31 Oct 1943
HMCS Courtenay (J 262)
HMCS Cowichan (J 146)
HMCS Drummondville (J 253)
HMCS Gananoque (J 259)
HMCS Georgian (J 144)
HMCS Goderich (J 260)
HMCS Grandmere (J 258)
HMCS Kelowna (J 261)
HMCS Kenora (J 281)
HMCS Kentville (J 312)
HMCS Mahone (J 159)
HMCS Medicine Hat (J 256)
HMCS Milltown (J 317)
HMCS Minas (J 165)
HMCS Miramichi (J 169)
HMCS Nipigon (J 154)
HMCS Outarde (J 161)
HMCS Port Hope (J 280)
HMCS Quatsino (J 152)
HMCS Red Deer (J 255)
HMCS Sarnia (J 309)
HMCS Stratford (J 310)
HMCS Swift Current (J 254)
HMCS Thunder (J 156)
HMCS Vegreville (J 257)
HMCS Wasaga (J 162)
HMCS Westmount (J 318)
HMCS Bayfield (J 08)
HMCS Canso (J 21)
HMCS Caraquet (J 38)
HMCS Chignecto (J 160)
HMCS Clayoquot (J 174) Lost on 24 Dec 1944
HMCS Fort William (J 311)
HMCS Guysborough (J 52) Lost on 17 Mar 1945
HMCS Ingonish (J 69)
HMCS Lockeport (J 100)
HMCS Malpeque (J 148)
HMCS Mulgrave (J 313)
HMCS Quinte (J 166)
HMCS Ungava (J 149)

128 Minesweepers of the Bangor class. 9 of them were lost.

See all Minesweeper classes.

Bangor class ships hit by U-boats (4)

24 Dec 1944HMCS ClayoquotSunkU-806
16 Apr 1945HMCS EsquimaltSunkU-190
17 Mar 1945HMCS GuysboroughSunkU-868
11 Oct 1943HMS HytheSunkU-371

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