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British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Aguila.

Aboard Aguila when hit on 19 Aug 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAmbler, John Acorn, RNPS23Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Aguila +
BritishAnderson, Alexander, RN25Passenger (Ordinary Signalman)Aguila +
BritishAnderson, William, RAFVR28Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Aguila +
BritishArnold, Geoffrey Norman, RAF28Passenger (Sergeant)Aguila +
BritishBacon, Phyllis, WRNS21Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishBanks, Charles Norman, RN27Passenger (Electrical Artificer Fourth Class)Aguila +
BritishBarnes, Margaret Watmore, WRNS18Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishBarratt, Harry, Merchant Navy29Third Radio OfficerAguila +
BritishBarrett, Reginald George, RNPS30Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Aguila +
BritishBeeching, Laurence, RNVR31Passenger (Lieutenant)Aguila +
BritishBenjamin, Cecilly Monica Bruce, WRNS20Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishBlackburn, Edmund, RAFVR39Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Aguila +
BritishBlake-Forster, Cecelia Mary, WRNSPassenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishBlewitt, William Peter, RNVR21Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Aguila +
BritishBoffey, John, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishBonsor, Dorothy, WRNSPassenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishBorman, Arthur Robert, RNPS25Passenger (Engineman)Aguila +
BritishBourner, John Eric, Merchant Navy38Chief CookAguila +
BritishBowden, Cecil John, FAA24Passenger (Petty Officer Air Mechanic)Aguila, Empire Oak +
BritishBoyle, Anthony Raymond, RAFVR20Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Aguila +
BritishBrown, James, RN30Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Aguila +
BritishBrown, William Frederick, RM44Passenger (Marine)Aguila +
BritishBulpitt, Hugh Macpherson, RNVR19Passenger (Midshipman (A))Aguila +
BritishBunner, George Alfred, Merchant Navy41Boatswain (Bosun)Aguila +
BritishBurkey, John Charles, Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishButterworth, Tom, RN21Convoy Leading SignalmanAguila +
BritishCalder, Ralph Morton, RNVR28Passenger (Surgeon Lieutenant)Aguila +
BritishChalk, James, RFR51Passenger (Leading Signalman)Aguila +
BritishChappe-Hall, Margaret Eulalia, WRNS26Passenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishChurchoule, W.J., FAAPassenger (Leading Air Mechanic)Aguila
BritishCole, S.A., RNPassenger (Assistant Cook)Aguila
BritishConcepcion, Nicholas, Merchant Navy36Able SeamanAguila, Empire Oak +
BritishConnolly, Thomas Edwin Arthur, Civilian33PassengerAguila +
BritishCooper, Madeleine Alice, WRNS31Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishCooper, Walter Robert, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Aguila +
BritishCrichton, Robert Alan, RNVR38Passenger (Lieutenant)Aguila +
BritishCrowther, Reginald, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Aguila +
BritishCullimore, Elijah, RNPSPassenger (Seaman)Aguila +
BritishCurtis, Norman Rupert, Merchant Navy29Second Radio OfficerAguila +
BritishDavidson, Alexandra F., Civilian25PassengerAguila +
BritishDickins, Roy Stanley, Merchant Navy28Second OfficerAguila +
BritishDouglas, Robert, Merchant Navy50StorekeeperAguila +
BritishEden, Michael, RNVR23Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Aguila +
BritishEeles, Cyril, RN23Convoy SignalmanAguila +
BritishEnsor, Alan Joseph, RNVR22Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Aguila +
BritishFagan, Hugh, Merchant Navy53DonkeymanAguila +
BritishFawcett, Robert Arnold, RNVRPassenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Aguila +
BritishFearon, John Henry, Merchant Navy51GreaserAguila +
BritishForsyth, Archibald Newlands, RN42Passenger (Surgeon Commander)Aguila +
BritishFrith, Arthur, Merchant NavyMasterAguila, Avoceta
BritishGannon, John, Merchant Navy20FiremanAguila +
BritishGlover, Eric, Merchant Navy44Second StewardAguila +
BritishGolding, Frederick, RMPassenger (Marine)Aguila +
BritishGolding, Stanley James, RNVRPassenger (Sub-Lieutenant)Aguila +
BritishGraham, John Christopher, RNPassenger (Lieutenant)Aguila +
BritishGrant, Gordon, RN26Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Aguila +
BritishGrant, Mary, WRNS26Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishGribble, Kate Ellen, RNVR32Passenger (Nursing Sister)Aguila +
BritishGrice, Leslie George, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishGrieve, Robert Stewart, RN24Passenger (Ordinary Signalman)Aguila +
BritishHawkins, Ernest Leslie, Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishHayes, Richard William, Merchant Navy55PantrymanAguila +
BritishHayes, Thomas, Merchant Navy31ButcherAguila +
BritishHayes, William, Merchant Navy27TrimmerAguila +
BritishHitchings, Alexander John, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishHobson, Duncan Hamilton, RAFVR23Passenger (Pilot Officer)Aguila +
BritishHolland, Alfred Westerman, RN21Convoy SignalmanAguila +
BritishHoward, N., Merchant NavyOrdinary SeamanAguila, Empire Oak
BritishHowel, John, Merchant Navy42Chief OfficerAguila, Empire Oak +
BritishHunter, William, Merchant Navy24Fourth Engineer OfficerAguila +
BritishJenkins, Winston Arthur Emlyn, Merchant Navy37First Radio OfficerAguila +
BritishJohnstone, Augustine, Merchant Navy60Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishJones, Thomas Idris, Merchant Navy24CarpenterAguila +
BritishJoy, Alix Bruce, WRNS24Passenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishJudge, Thomas, Merchant Navy52Fireman and TrimmerAguila +
BritishKavanagh, Michael Dennis, Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardAguila, Empire Oak +
BritishKennett, Harry George Arthur, RN24Passenger (Assistant Steward)Aguila +
BritishLawson, George John, RN41Passenger (Warrant Shipwright)Aguila +
BritishLocke, Raymond, RNPS21Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Aguila +
BritishLumbard, William Stephen, RN41Passenger (Signalman)Aguila +
BritishLund, Joseph Henry, Merchant Navy31FiremanAguila +
BritishLuscombe, Edward, RN24Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Aguila +
BritishMacbeth, James, RN30Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Aguila +
BritishMackenzie, Douglas Gordon, RNR37Passenger (Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander)Aguila +
BritishMackey, Francis John, FAAPassenger (Chief Petty Officer Air Fitter)Aguila +
BritishMacKinnon, John, Merchant Navy24SailorAguila, Empire Oak +
BritishMacpherson, Florence, WRNS35Passenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishMacRae, Roderick, Merchant Navy18Ordinary SeamanAguila +
BritishMaguire, Bernard Joseph, Merchant Navy32Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishMairs, Charles, Merchant Navy31Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishMaltman, Ramsey Frank Harry, Merchant Navy33Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishMann, Edward Alfred, RN28Passenger (Stoker Second Class)Aguila +
BritishMarrison, Tom, RNPassenger (Petty Officer)Aguila +
BritishMcLaren, Victoria Constance, WRNSPassenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishMcLaughlan, Charles, Merchant Navy36Assistant CookAguila +
BritishMelloy, Thomas Lindsay Palmer, RN32Passenger (Gunner (T))Aguila +
BritishMiddleton, Benjamin, Merchant Navy46Chief StewardAguila +
BritishMiller, John, FAA20Passenger (Air Fitter (O))Aguila +
BritishMiller, Kathleen, WRNS34Passenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishMilne Home, Isabel Mary, WRNS23Passenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishMogan, Henry, Merchant Navy43FiremanAguila +
CanadianMorris, Ralph, Merchant Navy20Third OfficerAguila +
BritishMurray, Michael, Merchant Navy38Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishNeilson, James, RN27Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Aguila +
BritishNicholas, George, Merchant Navy49Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishNichols, George Richard, Civilian39PassengerAguila +
BritishNorman, Mildred Georgina, WRNS21Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
IrishO'Keeffe, Raymond Stephen, FAA22Passenger (Air Fitter (O))Aguila +
BritishOgle, Christine Emma, WRNS34Passenger (Second Officer)Aguila +
BritishOxley, Ernest, FAA27Passenger (Air Mechanic Second Class)Aguila +
BritishPalmer, Harold Henry, Civilian45PassengerAguila +
BritishParker, Leonard, RM21Passenger (Marine)Aguila +
New ZealandParker, Patrick Edward, RNR60Commodore Second Class (Vice Admiral)Aguila +
BritishParkes, Arthur, Merchant Navy28Bedroom StewardAguila +
BritishParr, Gordon, Merchant Navy16Galley BoyAguila +
BritishParry, Walter Harper, Merchant Navy17CadetAguila +
BritishPattinson, Joseph Telford, Merchant Navy50Chief Engineer OfficerAguila +
BritishPayton, George William, RAFVR20Passenger (Pilot Officer)Aguila +
BritishPennington, Thomas Edward, Civilian46PassengerAguila +
BritishPhillips, Raymond Wendell, RNVR26Passenger (Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant)Aguila +
BritishPlatell, Wallace, Merchant Navy41FiremanAguila +
BritishPratt, George Arthur William, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic First Class)Aguila +
BritishRatchford, Peter, Merchant Navy19TrimmerAguila +
BritishRay, Alfred Frederick, RN31Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Aguila +
BritishRead, Colin Stanley, RN21Convoy SignalmanAguila +
BritishRees, Elwyn Thomas, RAFVR18Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Aguila +
BritishReith, Josephine Caldwell, WRNS28Passenger (Third Officer)Aguila +
BritishRigby, John, Merchant Navy41Saloon StewardAguila +
BritishRoberts, Albert Victor, RNR30Passenger (Skipper)Aguila +
BritishRoberts, William, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanAguila +
BritishRogers, Walter Worral, FAAPassenger (Leading Air Mechanic)Aguila +
BritishRushworth, Joseph, RNPS34Passenger (Chief Engineman)Aguila +
BritishSands, Peter George Percy, RN30Passenger (Leading Radio Mechanic)Aguila +
BritishSaunders, Ralph Eric, Merchant Navy49Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishSayle, John William, Merchant Navy30BakerAguila +
BritishShepherd, Elsie Elizabeth, WRNSPassenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishSlaven, Catherine Johnston, WRNS19Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishSmith, Beatrice Mabel, WRNS30Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishSmith, Robert, Merchant Navy30Third Engineer OfficerAguila +
IrishSmith, Walter Joseph, Merchant Navy20Able SeamanAguila +
BritishSoffe, Herbert, RNChief Petty Officer TelegraphistAguila +
BritishStratford, William Sydney, Civilian35PassengerAguila +
IrishSullivan, Patrick, Merchant Navy27Able Seaman and Lamp TrimmerAguila +
BritishSumner, George Ernest, FAAPassenger (Air Mechanic Second Class)Aguila +
BritishTennent, Alexander Linn Storie, RAF30Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Aguila +
BritishThomas, John Joseph, RN30Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Aguila +
BritishThrower, Frederick John, Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardAguila +
BritishToft, John William, RN32Passenger (Petty Officer)Aguila +
BritishVarley, Harry, RAF24Passenger (Sergeant)Aguila +
BritishWareham, Robert Arthur, Merchant Navy41Second Engineer OfficerAguila +
BritishWaters, Ellen Jessie, WRNSPassenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishWatson, Collin George, RAFVR26Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Aguila +
BritishWells, Rosalie, WRNS33Passenger (Chief Wren)Aguila +
BritishWest, Eric James, FAA22Passenger (Air Mechanic Second Class)Aguila +
BritishWhalen, John, RNPS21Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Aguila +
BritishWhite, Frederick James, Merchant Navy17Steward’s BoyAguila +
BritishWhite, John, Merchant Navy47FiremanAguila +
BritishWilcox, Michael, Merchant Navy19TrimmerAguila +
AustralianWilliams, Trevor Matthias Owen, Merchant Navy58SurgeonAguila +
BritishWitting, Arthur Norman Page, RAF31Passenger (Sergeant)Aguila +
BritishWoodrow, Norman John, Merchant Navy28CookAguila +
BritishWright, Graham Maurice, RNVR29Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant)Aguila +

162 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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