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British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Avoceta.

Aboard Avoceta when hit on 26 Sep 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
Aguirre, Carmen Isobel Henrietta, Civilian42Passenger Avoceta +
Aguirre, Enrique Manuel, Civilian38Passenger Avoceta +
Aitken, Janet Stevenson Hardie, Civilian36Passenger Avoceta +
Andrews, Ernest Frederick, Civilian73Passenger Avoceta +
Andrews, Rita Lucia, Civilian60Passenger Avoceta +
Bagot, Frederick, RNVR31Passenger (Surgeon Lieutenant) Avoceta +
Barham, Leslie Charles, RN26Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) Avoceta +
Barker, Alan David, Civilian1Passenger Avoceta +
Barker, Donald John, Civilian6Passenger Avoceta +
Barker, Elizabeth Grace, Civilian10Passenger Avoceta +
Barker, Ida Winifred, Civilian43Passenger Avoceta +
Barker, Kathleen Maud, Civilian15Passenger Avoceta +
Barker, Margaret Eileen, Civilian8Passenger Avoceta +
Barker, Norman Eric, Civilian3Passenger Avoceta +
Barker, Ruth Helen Sheila, Civilian13Passenger Avoceta +
Barnett, Thomas Edward Unsworth, Merchant Navy37Chief Cook Avoceta +
Baxter, William Robert, Civilian49Passenger Avoceta +
Breeze, Edmund James, Merchant Navy31Butcher Avoceta +
Cassels, Beryl Rosalie, Civilian1Passenger Avoceta +
Cassels, Hazel Jessie Wynne, Civilian7Passenger Avoceta +
Cassels, Primrose De Havilland, Civilian12Passenger Avoceta +
Cassels, Rosalie Lucy Adela, Civilian35Passenger Avoceta +
Clayton, Bertha Jeanne, Civilian29Passenger Avoceta +
Cobban, Clement Lee, Civilian62Passenger Avoceta +
Cobban, Marie Rose Gabrielle, Civilian48Passenger Avoceta +
Collim, John, RN19Convoy Ordinary Signalman Avoceta +
Cooper, Arthur, RMMarine (DEMS gunner) Avoceta +
Corcoran, Joseph, Merchant Navy31Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Cosgrove, Joseph, Merchant Navy29Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Costello, Philip John, Merchant Navy21Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Creighton, K.E.L., RNRear Admiral (Commodore) Avoceta
Crutchley, Adele Jeanne Henriette Rose, Civilian49Passenger Avoceta +
Crutchley, Cecile Yvonne, Civilian22Passenger Avoceta +
Crutchley, Evelyn Marie Henriette, Civilian21Passenger Avoceta +
Crutchley, Yvonne Theresa, Civilian11Passenger Avoceta +
Dale, Harold, Merchant Navy35Steward Avoceta +
Davey, Edward James, RN25Convoy Ordinary Signalman Avoceta +
Davies, Birt, Civilian63Passenger Avoceta +
Dean, James, Merchant Navy46Storekeeper Avoceta +
Dooley, John, Merchant Navy23Trimmer Avoceta +
Doughty, George William Charles, Merchant Navy33Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Dunlop, Andrew Crawford, Civilian56Passenger Avoceta +
Dunlop, Denise, Civilian22Passenger Avoceta +
Dunlop, Georgette Louise, Civilian48Passenger Avoceta +
Farnan, Elizabeth, Civilian42Passenger Avoceta +
Fawcett, William, Merchant Navy36Steward Avoceta +
Fisher, Robert James, Merchant Navy37Able Seaman Avoceta +
Fitzmaurice, Phillip Anthony, Merchant Navy18Galley Boy Avoceta +
Foley, Daniel, Merchant Navy53Donkeyman Avoceta +
Frith, Arthur, Merchant NavyPassenger (DBS) Aguila, Avoceta
Fursdon, Florence Rose Mary, Civilian71Passenger Avoceta +
Fursdon, Grace, Civilian44Passenger Avoceta +
Goddard, Lois Christine, Civilian2Passenger Avoceta +
Goddard, Michael John, Civilian5Passenger Avoceta +
Goddard, Muriel Alice, Civilian33Passenger Avoceta +
Goddard, Rosemary A., Civilian6Passenger Avoceta +
Goddard, Russell, Civilian35Passenger Avoceta +
Golden, Patrick, Merchant Navy36Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Gough, John Edward, Merchant Navy25Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Griffiths, John, RN29Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) Avoceta +
Hancock, Thomas, Merchant Navy58Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Hayes, Raymonde Marie Eugenie, Civilian41Passenger Avoceta +
Inder, Samuel, Merchant Navy19Trimmer Avoceta +
Jennings, Joseph, Merchant Navy40Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Jones, Evan John, Merchant Navy21Able Seaman Avoceta +
Kitchlu, Saraswati, Civilian26Passenger Avoceta +
Lakser, Magdelene Cicily, Civilian37Passenger Avoceta +
Larson, Norman Arthur, RCNVR30Telegraphist Avoceta +
Lingham, Elizabeth, Civilian40Passenger Avoceta +
Lingham, Ferdinand James Lingham, Civilian52Passenger Avoceta +
Lingham, Gordon, Civilian12Passenger Avoceta +
Lloyd, Ann Edith May, Civilian4Passenger Avoceta +
Lloyd, Elaine Gabrielle, Civilian28Passenger Avoceta +
Macfarlane, Murella, Civilian54Passenger Avoceta +
Maguire, Patrick Edward, Merchant Navy35Greaser Avoceta +
Marsden, William Atherton, Merchant Navy16Cadet Avoceta +
Marshall, Musserwanji, Civilian72Passenger Avoceta +
Martin, Harold, Merchant NavyMaster Avoceta
McColl, Samuel, Merchant Navy44Able Seaman Avoceta +
Mitchell, Ernest Thomas, Merchant Navy25Second Engineer Officer Avoceta +
Moorhouse, James, Merchant Navy26Carpenter Avoceta +
Murphy, Peter, Merchant Navy46Boatswain (Bosun) Avoceta +
Newton, Elvira, Civilian62Passenger Avoceta +
Newton, Ernest Alfred William, Civilian2Passenger Avoceta +
Newton, Ernest William, Civilian68Passenger Avoceta +
Newton, Henry Seth Ernest, Civilian8Passenger Avoceta +
Newton, James Jack Theodore, Civilian6Passenger Avoceta +
Newton, Marcelle Marie Yvonne, Civilian36Passenger Avoceta +
Newton, Theodosia Anneliese Johanna, Civilian29Passenger Avoceta +
Nicholls, Harrita, Civilian45Passenger Avoceta +
Nicholson, Nellie, Civilian1Passenger Avoceta +
O'Neil, Lionel Henry, Merchant Navy29Fourth Engineer Officer Avoceta +
Oliffe-Smith, Fred, Civilian47Passenger Avoceta +
Oliffe-Smith, Gilberte, Civilian38Passenger Avoceta +
Phillips, Walter, Merchant Navy33Pantryman Avoceta +
Pierce, John Francis, Merchant Navy33Fireman and Trimmer Avoceta +
Plas, Gerald Cornelius James, Merchant Navy28Second Officer Avoceta +
Quinn, Harold William, Merchant Navy37First Radio Officer Avoceta +
Reed, George Ramsay, Merchant Navy24Third Engineer Officer Avoceta +
Reeves, Donald Edwin, Civilian67Passenger Avoceta +
Rowan, Nicholas, Merchant Navy52Fireman and Trimmer Avoceta +
Rowan, Thomas, Merchant Navy54Fireman and Trimmer Avoceta
Salem, Mathilde Marie Fortuna, Civilian44Passenger Avoceta +
Scarisbrick, Charles William, Civilian49Passenger Avoceta +
Slater, Edward Ellerton, Merchant Navy53Chief Steward Avoceta +
Stanley, Elizabeth Rebecca Frances, Civilian58Passenger Avoceta +
Stanley, James Frederick, Merchant Navy17Second Radio Officer Avoceta +
Stanley, Revd. Edward John Theodore, Civilian61Passenger Avoceta +
Sutherland, Marjorie, Civilian37Passenger Avoceta +
Swift, William, Merchant Navy22Sailor Avoceta +
Thomas, Alfred, Civilian51Passenger Avoceta +
Thomas, William, Merchant Navy29Able Seaman Avoceta +
Topuz, Josephine Alice, Civilian1Passenger Avoceta +
Topuz, Olive Laura Mary, Civilian20Passenger Avoceta +
Travis, John, Merchant Navy42Pantryman Avoceta
Werner, Max Gerald, Merchant Navy56Assistant Steward Avoceta +
White, Mildred, Civilian54Passenger Avoceta +
Wilkinson, James, Merchant Navy41Assistant Steward Avoceta +
Williams, Harold Ernest, Merchant Navy34Third Officer Avoceta +
Williams, Thomas, Merchant Navy58Chief Engineer Officer Avoceta +
Williamson, Frank Glover, RN23Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) Avoceta +
Yahiel, Luna, Civilian61Passenger Avoceta +
Yahiel, Semtov Jacob, Civilian64Passenger Avoceta +
Zink, Mary Elizabeth Gertrude, Civilian60Passenger Avoceta +

124 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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