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American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Barbara.

Aboard Barbara when hit on 7 Mar 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAguilar, Eduardo, Merchant Marine40WaiterBarbara
Puerto RicanAlicea, Juan Luis, Merchant Marine20UtilitymanBarbara
AmericanAnthony, Doris, CivilianPassengerBarbara +
AmericanBallard, Joseph Edward, Merchant Marine20Second Radio OperatorBarbara +
AmericanBarnes, Robert E., Civilian36PassengerBarbara
PhilippineBongcak, Francisco, Merchant Marine54Fireman/WiperBarbara +
AmericanBooth, David W., Merchant Marine26Third MateBarbara
AmericanBullard, Joseph Leland, Merchant Marine41Second Assistant EngineerBarbara +
AmericanBurleson, Claud Jay, Civilian27PassengerBarbara +
AmericanCampo, Joseph E., CivilianPassengerBarbara +
AmericanClark, Olan Sydney, Civilian36PassengerBarbara +
AmericanCrisp, L.B., CivilianPassengerBarbara +
AmericanDavis, Charles, Merchant Marine29Second MateBarbara
AmericanDeutsch, Oscar William, Civilian31PassengerBarbara
Puerto RicanErazo, Francisco, Merchant Marine28WaiterBarbara +
AmericanFenty, Clarence Fitz, Merchant Marine53Chief StewardBarbara +
Puerto RicanFontanez, Ernesto, Merchant Marine20WiperBarbara
Puerto RicanFuentes, Antonio, Merchant MarineWaiterBarbara +
AmericanGarbutt, John, Merchant MarineAble SeamanBarbara
PhilippineGimpaya, Restituto Gutay, Merchant Marine31First PantrymanBarbara
AmericanGonzalez, Hipolito, CivilianPassengerBarbara +
AmericanGonzalez, Ruben A., Merchant Marine20Ordinary SeamanBarbara
AmericanGray, Mary, Merchant Marine54StewardessBarbara
AmericanHall, Willard, Merchant Marine21Ordinary SeamanBarbara +
PhilippineHassin, John, Merchant Marine40Able SeamanBarbara
AmericanHawkins, Walter, Civilian21PassengerBarbara
AmericanHazlehurst, Hugh, Civilian45PassengerBarbara
AmericanHerder, Robert O., Civilian33PassengerBarbara
Puerto RicanHernandez, Beraldo, Merchant Marine21Bell BoyBarbara
AmericanHogge, Henry Narron, Civilian28PassengerBarbara +
AmericanHudgins, Walter Gwynn, Merchant Marine55MasterBarbara, Elizabeth
AmericanHughes, John Richard, Merchant Marine38WatchmanBarbara +
AmericanJeter, Irving Elmore, Civilian24PassengerBarbara
AmericanKempton, Jack, Civilian34PassengerBarbara
AmericanKlemm, Charles Herman, Merchant Marine57Second StewardBarbara +
AmericanKussmaul, Harold, Merchant Marine41PurserBarbara
PhilippineLeguro, Vincente, Merchant Marine40MessmanBarbara +
Puerto RicanLeon, Juan Bautista, Merchant Marine19MessmanBarbara
AmericanLittrell, John R., Merchant Marine27OilerBarbara
AmericanLopez, Jay G., Merchant Marine37First Radio OperatorBarbara, George Calvert, Thomas Ruffin
AmericanLott, Elwin Raymond, Civilian30PassengerBarbara
AmericanMarshall, Spurgeon, CivilianPassengerBarbara
Puerto RicanMarti, Salvador Guillermo, Merchant Marine39Able SeamanBarbara
Puerto RicanMartinez, Emilio, Merchant Marine33FiremanBarbara
AmericanMcAdams, John H., Civilian26PassengerBarbara
AmericanMcNuff, Ralph, Merchant Marine35First Assistant EngineerBarbara +
Puerto RicanMedina, Marcos E., Merchant Marine28Ordinary SeamanBarbara
AmericanMorrison, Edward, CivilianPassengerBarbara +
AmericanMuhlbauer, Henry Joseph, Merchant Marine33OilerBarbara
Puerto RicanMurphy, Maximo, Merchant Marine25WatchmanBarbara
Puerto RicanNatal, Felipe, Merchant Marine45Second PantrymanBarbara
AmericanOram, William Henry, Merchant Marine41QuartermasterBarbara +
AmericanO’Berry, Alton Ray, Merchant Marine35Able SeamanBarbara, Ruth +
Puerto RicanPabon, Juan, Merchant Marine55Second CookBarbara +
PhilippinePelayo, Jose, Merchant Marine47OilerBarbara
AmericanPennestri, Dominic, Merchant Marine21MessmanBarbara
AmericanPultz, Howard Oliver, Civilian39PassengerBarbara
PhilippineQuilit, Victoriano, Merchant Marine43Chief CookBarbara
AmericanRankin, Whitney, Merchant MarineBakerBarbara +
AmericanReip, Charles Joseph, Merchant Marine29Ordinary SeamanBarbara +
AmericanReynolds, Oren Valencia, Merchant Marine26Third Assistant EngineerBarbara +
AmericanRoberts, James P., Civilian24PassengerBarbara
AmericanRobinson, Frank G., Merchant Marine30WiperBarbara
AmericanRodriguez, Jose, Merchant Marine55Able SeamanBarbara
Puerto RicanRojas, Candelaria, Merchant MarineWaiterBarbara +
AmericanRooney, Charles Francis, Merchant Marine56Boatswain (Bosun)Barbara
Puerto RicanRosario, Virgilio, Merchant MarineNight WaiterBarbara +
AmericanRoutson, Harry Milton, Civilian24PassengerBarbara
Puerto RicanSanchez, Leoncio, Merchant Marine34Saloon StewardBarbara
AmericanSanders, Burley Paul, Civilian35PassengerBarbara
Puerto RicanSerrano, Felix, Merchant Marine27WiperBarbara
AmericanSmith, Joseph B.C., Merchant Marine31First MateBarbara
Puerto RicanSolis, Juan, Merchant Marine26UtilitymanBarbara
AmericanSousa, Harry, Merchant Marine35FiremanBarbara
AmericanSt. Nicholas, Euligo, Merchant Marine47Chief EngineerBarbara +
Puerto RicanStolle Rivera, Ines, Civilian34PassengerBarbara +
AmericanSwandic, Bernard Joseph, Merchant Marine21Third Radio OperatorBarbara
AmericanSwindall, Homer Stetson, Civilian41PassengerBarbara
AmericanTaurin, John Reinold, Merchant Marine53QuartermasterBarbara
AmericanTeacher, Charles Desmond, Merchant Marine19WaiterBarbara
AmericanThompson, John, CivilianPassengerBarbara
AmericanWachsmuth, John S., Civilian31PassengerBarbara
AmericanWhitehead, Ralph Mozart, Merchant MarineDoctorBarbara +
AmericanWohletz, Joseph, Merchant Marine46QuartermasterBarbara
AmericanWood, James Wesley, Civilian22PassengerBarbara +

85 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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