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HMS Edinburgh (16)

British light cruiser

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British light cruiser HMS Edinburgh (16).

Aboard HMS Edinburgh (16) when hit on 30 Apr 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAnderson, Edward Maurice, RN26Petty Officer TelegraphistHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishBamford, John, RN21Ordinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishBeattie, Patrick Kane, RN21Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishBleakley, Joseph, RN21Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishBlundell, Peter, RN25Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishBroad, Colin Geoffrey, RNStoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishBrown, James Edward, RN22Stoker 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishBrown, John Byers, RNLeading StokerHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishCarter, Donald Mcpherson, RN35Ordinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishChristie, J.T., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishColeman, William, RN21Leading StokerHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishCosser, N., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishDavies, D., RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishDavis, Charles Ernest, RN39Chief Petty OfficerHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishDawson, Francis James, RNSignalmanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishDevonport, William, RN20Stoker 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishDimmock, George, RN26Stoker 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
South AfricanDrummond, Valentine Wynford, SANF21Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishEnglish, H., RNPetty OfficerHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishEvans, Albert Edward, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishEvans, Harold Benjamin, RM22Passenger (Marine)HMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishFaulkner, Hugh Webb, RNCaptainHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishFiddis, G., RNCoderHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishFrost, Mark Leslie, RM23Passenger (Marine)HMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishGibson, Andrew, RN19Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishGomery, Walter Edward, RN18Boy 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishGray, Thomas Ivor, RN36Chief Petty Officer Cook (S)HMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishHannah, A., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishHarrington, John, RN26Stoker 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishHarris, Frederick William, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishHaworth, T., RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishHellyer, Samuel Gordan, RN25Leading SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishHiller, Benjamin Arthur, RN23Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishHolt, Neville, RN18Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishHookings, Thomas Edward, RN40Leading StokerHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishHorsfield, Andrew, RN22Stoker 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishIbbotson, Frederick Harvey, RNSignalmanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishJones, George William, RN35Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishJones, Ronald James, RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishJones, Thomas, RN22Stoker 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishLatham, Herbert Samuel, RN25Petty Officer StewardHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishLloyd, Ifor Orton, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishManfield, Vyvyan Guy, RN23Lieutenant (E)HMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishMarsden, Harry, RN21Ordinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishMartin, Thomas, RN20Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishMcDonald, Donald, RN23Ordinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishMcPherson, E., RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishMilkyns, A., RNLeading StokerHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishMoir, John, RN22Lieutenant (E)HMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishMorey, Henry Stephen George, RN39Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishMorrisson, R., RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishMuchmore, H., RNPainter 4th ClassHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishMurphy, Charles, RN25Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishNash, George Henry, RN17Boy 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishO'Hagan, Bernard Rankin, RNStoker 1st ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishOates, Dudley, RN18Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishPape, William, RN46Leading StokerHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishPavitt, Arthur Henry, RM22MarineHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishPhillips, R., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishPople, C., RNOfficers Cook 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishRennardson, Wilfred Percy, RN23Leading TelegraphistHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishReynolds, Robert, RN30Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishRyan, Stanley John, RN22Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishSmith, Edwin Ashley, RNStoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishSmith, Henry, RNCookHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishSmith, J.T., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishSmith, Mark Rowland, RN37Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishSpicer, William George Edward, RN20Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishStanley, G., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishStockport, Clifford, RN26Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishStone, William Arthur, RN22Leading StokerHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishThomas, J., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishTrusler, Stephen, RN42Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishTylee, Boris André, RN21Ordinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishVallance, Roland, RN19Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
South AfricanVan Dordrecht, William Hendrick, SANF26Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishWafforne, John, RN26Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishWeaver, Lionel, RN36Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishWibberley, Wilfred, RN44Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishWignall, Arthur, RN25Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishWilkinson, L., RNAble SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishWillis, Harry John, RN22Able SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +
BritishWorley, F., RNOrdinary SignalmanHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishWright, W.H., RNCoderHMS Edinburgh (16)
BritishYates, James, RN20Ordinary SeamanHMS Edinburgh (16) +

85 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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