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City of Melbourne

British steam merchant

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant City of Melbourne.

Aboard City of Melbourne when hit on 13 May 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
IndianAbass, Mahomed, Merchant Navy32SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAbdooamon Haji, Ahmed Coonji, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAbdool Cader, Ahmed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAbdool Gaffer, Jainooddeen, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAbdoorahim, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAbdul Aziz, Abdooramon, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAbdul Cader, Sheikh Mahomed, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAbdul Majid, Abdul Satter, Merchant Navy35SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAhmed, Mahomed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAhmed Coonji, Asnar, Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAhmed Kalen, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianAjamdeen, Esamoodeen, Merchant Navy40SeamanCity of Melbourne
PortugueseAlfonso, Joaquin, Merchant Navy50StewardCity of Melbourne
IndianAllee Coonji, Mahomed, Merchant Navy50SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianBaba, Sheikh Ahmed, Merchant Navy48SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianBalla Meah, Mahomed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianBallames, Dawood, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishBlackham, Arthur, Merchant Navy34PurserCity of Melbourne
BritishBooth, Harry George Thorne, Merchant Navy48MasterCity of Melbourne
BritishBott, Edward, Merchant Navy19SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishBrand, Alan, Merchant Navy36Chief Radio OfficerCity of Melbourne
BritishBrown, Gordon, Merchant Navy24Third OfficerCity of Melbourne
IndianBulla, Moideen, Merchant Navy28SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianCader, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy53SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishCallis, John, Merchant Navy18CadetCity of Melbourne
BritishCameron, Donald, Merchant Navy26Third Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
IndianCoonji Mohideen, Ahmed, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianCoonji Poker, Abdulla, Merchant Navy24SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishCrolla, Charles, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishDavis, William, Merchant Navy24QuartermasterCity of Melbourne
BritishDeas, David, Merchant Navy32QuartermasterCity of Melbourne, King Edward +
IndianEbrahim, Mahomed, Merchant Navy42SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianEbrahim, Sharfoodeen, Merchant Navy31SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishEdwards, John, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianEsmail, Muqbul, Merchant Navy40SeamanCity of Melbourne
PortugueseFernandes, Antonio, Merchant Navy23Second CookCity of Melbourne
PortugueseFernandes, Carten, Merchant Navy42StewardCity of Melbourne
PortugueseFernandes, Dominic, Merchant Navy41PantrymanCity of Melbourne
IndianFirkans, Panjan, Merchant Navy27SeamanCity of Melbourne
PortugueseFrois, Louis, Merchant Navy40Chief CookCity of Melbourne
BritishGallagher, Henry, Merchant Navy34Second Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
PortugueseGonsalves, Pedro, Merchant Navy48StewardCity of Melbourne
BritishGreen, Frank, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishGregory, Edward, Merchant Navy27SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishGregory, Kenneth, Merchant Navy36Chief OfficerCity of Melbourne
IndianHaji, Coonji Mahomed, Merchant Navy46SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianHamid Allee, Basher Ahmed, Merchant Navy26SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishHammond, David, Merchant Navy31SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianJaffer, Abul, Merchant Navy42SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianJahooroodeen, Sheikh Esmail, Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianJainooddeen, Dada Mesh, Merchant Navy48SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianKamroodeen, Abdulla, Merchant Navy35SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishKydd, Alexander, Merchant Navy55Chief Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
IndianLalla Mirza, Nawob Mirza, Merchant Navy50SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishLeyshon, Trevor, Merchant Navy28SeamanCity of Melbourne
PortugueseLobo, Joseph, Merchant Navy40StewardCity of Melbourne
IndianMahomed, Coonji Allee, Merchant Navy22SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianMahomed Cassin, Abdooramon, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianMahomed Palley, Mohideen, Merchant Navy38SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishMarshall, Thomas, Merchant Navy20ApprenticeCity of Melbourne
IndianMeah, Jaffer, Merchant Navy55SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianMeah, Sheikh Edroos, Merchant Navy40SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianMohideen, Mahomed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianMohideen, Mahomed, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianMuhammad Musa, , Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne +
BritishMullins, George, Merchant Navy23Fifth Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
IndianMunswamy, Chinappa, Merchant Navy20SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianNamahuq, Abdoolhuq, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianNannoo, Mosahab, Merchant Navy75SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianNanoo Mrak, Nooroodeen, Merchant Navy35SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishNaylor, John, Merchant Navy61QuartermasterCity of Melbourne
IndianNazir, Goolsheraf, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
IrishNeary, Michael, Merchant Navy29Second Radio OfficerCity of Melbourne
BritishPatterson, William, Merchant Navy28QuartermasterCity of Melbourne
BritishPryde, Reginald, Merchant Navy36Second OfficerCity of Melbourne
IndianSheikh Abdulla, Sheikh Mahomed, Merchant Navy27SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianSheikh Allee, Sheikh Mahomed, Merchant Navy28SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianSheikh Dawood, Abdoorakman, Merchant Navy33SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianSheikh Enoos, Sheikh Adam, Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianSheikh Esmail, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
IndianSooby Khooti, Marker, Merchant Navy36SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishTurner, Robert, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishWalton, Richard, Merchant Navy20SeamanCity of Melbourne
BritishWardell, Ronald, Merchant Navy19Third Radio OfficerCity of Melbourne
BritishWhalley, George, Merchant Navy21Fourth Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
BritishWilliams, John, Merchant Navy54CarpenterCity of Melbourne
South AfricanWilliams, Richard, Merchant Navy24SeamanCity of Melbourne

87 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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