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City of Melbourne

British steam merchant

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant City of Melbourne.

Aboard City of Melbourne when hit on 13 May 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abass, Mahomed, Merchant Navy32SeamanCity of Melbourne
Abdooamon Haji, Ahmed Coonji, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Abdool Cader, Ahmed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
Abdool Gaffer, Jainooddeen, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
Abdoorahim, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
Abdul Aziz, Abdooramon, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Abdul Cader, Sheikh Mahomed, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
Abdul Majid, Abdul Satter, Merchant Navy35SeamanCity of Melbourne
Ahmed, Mahomed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
Ahmed Coonji, Asnar, Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Melbourne
Ahmed Kalen, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Ajamdeen, Esamoodeen, Merchant Navy40SeamanCity of Melbourne
Alfonso, Joaquin, Merchant Navy50StewardCity of Melbourne
Allee Coonji, Mahomed, Merchant Navy50SeamanCity of Melbourne
Baba, Sheikh Ahmed, Merchant Navy48SeamanCity of Melbourne
Balla Meah, Mahomed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
Ballames, Dawood, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Blackham, Arthur, Merchant Navy34PurserCity of Melbourne
Booth, Harry George Thorne, Merchant Navy48MasterCity of Melbourne
Bott, Edward, Merchant Navy19SeamanCity of Melbourne
Brand, Alan, Merchant Navy36Chief Radio OfficerCity of Melbourne
Brown, Gordon, Merchant Navy24Third OfficerCity of Melbourne
Bulla, Moideen, Merchant Navy28SeamanCity of Melbourne
Cader, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy53SeamanCity of Melbourne
Callis, John, Merchant Navy18CadetCity of Melbourne
Cameron, Donald, Merchant Navy26Third Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
Coonji Mohideen, Ahmed, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Coonji Poker, Abdulla, Merchant Navy24SeamanCity of Melbourne
Crolla, Charles, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
Davis, William, Merchant Navy24QuartermasterCity of Melbourne
Deas, David, Merchant Navy32QuartermasterCity of Melbourne, King Edward +
Ebrahim, Mahomed, Merchant Navy42SeamanCity of Melbourne
Ebrahim, Sharfoodeen, Merchant Navy31SeamanCity of Melbourne
Edwards, John, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
Esmail, Muqbul, Merchant Navy40SeamanCity of Melbourne
Fernandes, Antonio, Merchant Navy23Second CookCity of Melbourne
Fernandes, Carten, Merchant Navy42StewardCity of Melbourne
Fernandes, Dominic, Merchant Navy41PantrymanCity of Melbourne
Firkans, Panjan, Merchant Navy27SeamanCity of Melbourne
Frois, Louis, Merchant Navy40Chief CookCity of Melbourne
Gallagher, Henry, Merchant Navy34Second Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
Gonsalves, Pedro, Merchant Navy48StewardCity of Melbourne
Green, Frank, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
Gregory, Edward, Merchant Navy27SeamanCity of Melbourne
Gregory, Kenneth, Merchant Navy36Chief OfficerCity of Melbourne
Haji, Coonji Mahomed, Merchant Navy46SeamanCity of Melbourne
Hamid Allee, Basher Ahmed, Merchant Navy26SeamanCity of Melbourne
Hammond, David, Merchant Navy31SeamanCity of Melbourne
Jaffer, Abul, Merchant Navy42SeamanCity of Melbourne
Jahooroodeen, Sheikh Esmail, Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Melbourne
Jainooddeen, Dada Mesh, Merchant Navy48SeamanCity of Melbourne
Kamroodeen, Abdulla, Merchant Navy35SeamanCity of Melbourne
Kydd, Alexander, Merchant Navy55Chief Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
Lalla Mirza, Nawob Mirza, Merchant Navy50SeamanCity of Melbourne
Leyshon, Trevor, Merchant Navy28SeamanCity of Melbourne
Lobo, Joseph, Merchant Navy40StewardCity of Melbourne
Mahomed, Coonji Allee, Merchant Navy22SeamanCity of Melbourne
Mahomed Cassin, Abdooramon, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Mahomed Palley, Mohideen, Merchant Navy38SeamanCity of Melbourne
Marshall, Thomas, Merchant Navy20ApprenticeCity of Melbourne
Meah, Jaffer, Merchant Navy55SeamanCity of Melbourne
Meah, Sheikh Edroos, Merchant Navy40SeamanCity of Melbourne
Mohideen, Mahomed, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Mohideen, Mahomed, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
Muhammad Musa, , Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne +
Mullins, George, Merchant Navy23Fifth Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
Munswamy, Chinappa, Merchant Navy20SeamanCity of Melbourne
Namahuq, Abdoolhuq, Merchant Navy29SeamanCity of Melbourne
Nannoo, Mosahab, Merchant Navy75SeamanCity of Melbourne
Nanoo Mrak, Nooroodeen, Merchant Navy35SeamanCity of Melbourne
Naylor, John, Merchant Navy61QuartermasterCity of Melbourne
Nazir, Goolsheraf, Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Melbourne
Neary, Michael, Merchant Navy29Second Radio OfficerCity of Melbourne
Patterson, William, Merchant Navy28QuartermasterCity of Melbourne
Pryde, Reginald, Merchant Navy36Second OfficerCity of Melbourne
Sheikh Abdulla, Sheikh Mahomed, Merchant Navy27SeamanCity of Melbourne
Sheikh Allee, Sheikh Mahomed, Merchant Navy28SeamanCity of Melbourne
Sheikh Dawood, Abdoorakman, Merchant Navy33SeamanCity of Melbourne
Sheikh Enoos, Sheikh Adam, Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Melbourne
Sheikh Esmail, Ebrahim, Merchant Navy30SeamanCity of Melbourne
Sooby Khooti, Marker, Merchant Navy36SeamanCity of Melbourne
Turner, Robert, Merchant Navy21SeamanCity of Melbourne
Walton, Richard, Merchant Navy20SeamanCity of Melbourne
Wardell, Ronald, Merchant Navy19Third Radio OfficerCity of Melbourne
Whalley, George, Merchant Navy21Fourth Engineer OfficerCity of Melbourne
Williams, John, Merchant Navy54CarpenterCity of Melbourne
Williams, Richard, Merchant Navy24SeamanCity of Melbourne

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