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American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Lebore.

Aboard Lebore when hit on 14 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ackema, Frederik H., Merchant Navy21Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Bak, Roelof, Merchant Navy44Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore, Ceres
Balgen, Jean Jacques Marinus, Merchant Navy19Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Berenbak, Willem Marius, Merchant Navy24Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Boltersdorf, Jan Leendert, Merchant Navy38Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Brevet, Jan, Merchant Navy21Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Bruin, Martinus Johannes, Merchant Navy47Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Deen, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy17Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Frette, Sigmund, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Gardeslen, Cornelis Frits, Merchant Navy35Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Groeneveld, Jan, Merchant Navy29Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Guijt, IJsbrand, Merchant Navy24Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Gustavsen, Sverre Hilmer, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Henriksen, Jens Teodor, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Herdigein, Rudolph G., Merchant Navy22Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Hower, Ross, Merchant Marine34Shipwrecked Sylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
Keijzer, Adrianus C. de, Merchant Navy47Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Kirby, Harry, Merchant Marine40First Assistant Engineer Lebore +
Labadie, Willmar M.C., Merchant Navy35Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Larsen, Walter, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Lendorf, Johannes Hermanus A., Merchant Navy47Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Lenting, Aloysius J., Merchant Navy19Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
LyngÄs, Haugar, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore, Katy
Mandemakers, Johannes L., Merchant Navy37Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Murry, Francis, Merchant Marine19Shipwrecked Sylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
Nieuwenhuijsen, Willem, Merchant Navy42Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Nilsen, Hildemar, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Oehlers, George L., Merchant Navy21Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Peacock, Roy A., Merchant MarineShipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Provence, Vicente German, Merchant Navy20Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Quirindongo, Juan Ramin, Merchant Navy36Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Ravens, Pieter van, Merchant Navy36Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Rodriguez, Francisco, Merchant Marine38Shipwrecked Sylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
Rooij, Gijsbertus van, Merchant Navy41Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Roos, Aris, Merchant Navy52Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Schuurman, Jan, Merchant Navy37Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Silden, Sverre Monden, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Simon, San Juan, Merchant Marine33Shipwrecked Sylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
Sivertsen, Anker, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Spits, Fedde, Merchant Navy54Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Stebbins, Spencer E., USN21Seaman Second Class Lebore
Storm, Hendrik Marie Theodorus, Merchant Navy38Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Straatman, Hendrikus Wilhelmus, Merchant Navy36Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Sulbaran, Carlos Pastor, Merchant Navy42Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Syvertsen, Karl Egon, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Lise, Crijnssen, Lebore
Vrolijk, Maarten, Merchant Navy49Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore
Wheeler, H., Merchant Marine19Shipwrecked Sylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
Wilnis, Otmar, Merchant Navy23Shipwrecked Crijnssen, Lebore

48 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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