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Dutch motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch motor merchant Jagersfontein.

Aboard Jagersfontein when hit on 26 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
DutchAdenan, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchAdenan Madanie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchAdie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
AmericanAkers, George W., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchAmbarie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchArkin, , Merchant NavyGreaserJagersfontein
DutchAsmat, , Merchant NavyGreaserJagersfontein
DutchAssan, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
AmericanBach, Willard E., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanBauhan, Ralph W., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
DutchBie, Johannes de, Merchant Navy50Boatswain (Bosun)Jagersfontein
AmericanBlack, Robert O., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
DutchBlees, Johann, Merchant Navy20Able SeamanJagersfontein
DutchBohlen, Albertus Johannes Jacob Christiaan, Merchant Navy52Chief StewardJagersfontein
DutchBolland, Johann, Merchant Navy36Second OfficerJagersfontein, Serooskerk +
AmericanBradshaw, Archie, US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchBregonje, Johannes H., Merchant Navy33PantrymanJagersfontein
AmericanBrook, Joseph L., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanBrown, John W., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanBurliner, Harry M., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanButts, Joseph S., US ArmyPassenger (Maj)Jagersfontein
AmericanCampbell, Thomas L., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanCarhart, William, US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanCastiglione, John B., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanChalfant, Henry, US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanColgen, Merchant W., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanConvense, William W., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanCoone, Kenneth F., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanCovell, Martin B., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanCraig, William G., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
BritishCraigg, R.F., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
DutchDie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchDjarie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
BritishDockery, T., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
DutchDoelassan, , Merchant NavyCaptain BoyJagersfontein
DutchDoelhamid, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchDogterom, Hillebrand, Merchant Navy38ElectricianJagersfontein
BritishDonsdoon, H., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
DutchDroppert, Arie, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardJagersfontein, Tjileboet +
AmericanDuston, Arthur B., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchEising, Hendrik Jan, Merchant Navy33OilerJagersfontein
DutchEschweiler, Louis, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanJagersfontein
DutchEst, Machiel Anthonie van der, Merchant Navy49MasterJagersfontein
AmericanEury, Roy E., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanFahey, Alton L., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanFahrnkoph, Charles D., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanFairman, Endsley Perrine, US Army33Passenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchFormer, Gerrit, Merchant Navy32Able SeamanJagersfontein
AmericanFrank, Clinton E., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanGadwalder, Eldreth K., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanGarrett, George T., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanGautier, Ernest W., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchGelauf, Pieter, Merchant Navy37Third OfficerJagersfontein
AmericanGerlach, Claude J., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
BritishGibson, A.E., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
DutchGraber, Eduard, Merchant Navy37BarmanJagersfontein
AmericanGrace, Edward H., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanGray, Earl H., US ArmyPassenger (Maj)Jagersfontein
AmericanGray, John O., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
BritishHargreaves, Dorothy M., Civilian16PassengerJagersfontein
BritishHargreaves, Walter B., Civilian14PassengerJagersfontein
AmericanHartley, Clyde N., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchHeck, Cornelis Petrus van, Merchant Navy30Assistant StewardJagersfontein, Alderamin
DutchHeijungs, Heinrich, Merchant Navy28OilerAlwaki, Jagersfontein
DutchHemert, Jan Hendrik van, Merchant Navy27OilerJagersfontein
DutchHerik, Mattheus van den, Merchant Navy33Able SeamanJagersfontein
AmericanHill, Cirus N., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
ChineseHo Kiet, , Merchant NavyLaundrymanJagersfontein
AmericanHobbs, Meedie W., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchHoebee, Diederik, Merchant Navy23Fourth OfficerJagersfontein
AmericanHolder, Philip V., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanHolt, Earl E., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
BritishHope, A.J., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
DutchHout, Karel H. in ‘t, Merchant Navy30ButcherJagersfontein
DutchHozee, Cornelis, Merchant Navy31Fourth Engineer OfficerJagersfontein
BritishHuchings, V., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
AmericanHutchins, Stuart, US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchIdsinga, Johannes, Merchant Navy29Second CookJagersfontein
DutchIndia, Roelof, Merchant Navy29Third Engineer OfficerJagersfontein
DutchIngen, Klaas van, Merchant Navy22Assistant EngineerJagersfontein
DutchJanse, Louwerens, Merchant Navy21Assistant EngineerJagersfontein
BritishJenkins, Kathleen L., Civilian37PassengerJagersfontein
BritishJenkins, Marie K., Civilian12PassengerJagersfontein
AmericanJorgensen, Melford B., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchKalisvaart, Jacob, Merchant Navy22Fourth OfficerJagersfontein, Serooskerk +
AmericanKelly, Louis S., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
DutchKensen, Johannes Wilhelmus, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanJagersfontein
BritishKerton, T., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
AmericanKing, Ernest H., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchKlok, Hendrik van de, Merchant Navy18SailorJagersfontein
AmericanKlotz, Solomon D., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchKroes, Geertruida Jacoba, Merchant Navy44NurseJagersfontein
DutchKrul, Pieter, Merchant Navy39Second Engineer OfficerJagersfontein
DutchLammers, Bernard Hendrik, Merchant Navy40First Radio OfficerJagersfontein
ChineseLee Long, , Merchant NavyLaundrymanJagersfontein
AmericanLeech, Grady W., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
ChineseLeh Wah, , Merchant NavyCarpenterJagersfontein
AmericanLehman, Elmer B., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanLennon, Thomas J., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanLewis, Norville L., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanLicheay, John J., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanLiggit, Clarence R., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanLogan, Henry C., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchManisan, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchMardjakop, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
AmericanMason, Clarence O., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchMataloewie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
BritishMathew, D.L., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
AmericanMcCreedy, John J., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanMcCue, Frank P., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanMcLaughlin, William F., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanMeck, Paul L., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchMeijer, Benjamin, Merchant Navy43Pastry CookJagersfontein
DutchMeinsma, Klaas, Merchant Navy41QuartermasterJagersfontein
AmericanMeyer, Edore, US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
BritishMiller, L., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
DutchMoekrie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchMohamad, , Merchant NavyGreaserJagersfontein
DutchMohamed Iksan, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchMohamed Saleh, , Merchant NavyCookJagersfontein
BritishMoore, Elsie K., Civilian49PassengerJagersfontein
BritishMoore, Harry, Civilian54PassengerJagersfontein
BritishMoore, Jean F., Civilian19PassengerJagersfontein
BritishMoore, Margaret E., Civilian21PassengerJagersfontein
AmericanMoore, Theodore V., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanMouradian, James H., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchMulders, Jan Marinus, Merchant Navy48Chief Engineer OfficerJagersfontein
DutchNadie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchNasiban, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchNazareth, Tonny S., Merchant Navy30Able SeamanJagersfontein
AmericanNewcomb, John A., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanNewton, Jay T., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchNiet, Jacob van der, Merchant Navy24SailorTajandoen, Jagersfontein
DutchNoerachmat, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchOemar, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchOemir, , Merchant NavyGreaserJagersfontein
DutchOesman, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchOewie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchOosterbaan, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy44Able SeamanJagersfontein
AmericanOssler, Richard V., US ArmyPassenger (Maj)Jagersfontein
DutchOuwerkerk, Karel Jacobus van, Merchant Navy49Assistant StewardJagersfontein
DutchOven, James van, Merchant Navy56PhysicianJagersfontein
BritishPendleton, Derek, Civilian13PassengerJagersfontein
BritishPendleton, Sylvia J., Civilian37PassengerJagersfontein
AmericanPetaja, Ahti E., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanPfennig, Walter F., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchPieper, Carel Willem Hendrik, Merchant Navy39Second Radio OfficerJagersfontein
DutchPloeg, Johannes Martinus van der, Merchant Navy32Third Engineer OfficerJagersfontein
DutchPoeniman, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchPoliton, Samuel A., Merchant Navy20MechanicJagersfontein
AmericanRobbins, Charles, US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanRogers, Nathaniel R., US ArmyPassenger (Maj)Jagersfontein
DutchRooyen, Maarten van, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanJagersfontein
DutchRous, Willem, Merchant Navy17SailorJagersfontein
DutchRuiter, Gerrit de, Merchant Navy29SailorJagersfontein
DutchSafie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchSahim, , Merchant NavyGreaserJagersfontein
DutchSaiman, , Merchant NavyBakerJagersfontein
DutchSakian, , Merchant NavyGreaserJagersfontein
DutchSamat, , Merchant NavyCookJagersfontein
DutchSamie, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchSamier, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchSarmadie, , Merchant NavyCookJagersfontein
AmericanSavage, Robert H., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
DutchScheuer, A.F., Merchant Navy19GunnerJagersfontein
DutchSchill, Berend, Merchant Navy41Able SeamanJagersfontein
AmericanSchindler, Meyer, US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
DutchSchot, Anthonie, Merchant Navy28Fourth Engineer OfficerJagersfontein
DutchSchutte, Cornelis, Merchant Navy34QuartermasterJagersfontein
BritishScurr, G.W., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
BritishScurr, H., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
AmericanSeerley, John J., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanSegel, Adolph, US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanSelden, Edwin V., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanSelko, Daniel T., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchSeomo, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
AmericanShuford, Jacob H., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchSijp, Jan van, Merchant Navy51BarberJagersfontein
AmericanSkord, Joseph, US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
DutchSlaman, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchSleman, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
DutchSmit, Theunis Johannes, Merchant Navy40Second StewardJagersfontein
AmericanSmith, Melvin C., US ArmyPassenger (Maj)Jagersfontein
AmericanSmith, Moreland G., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
DutchSoepario, , Merchant NavyHead MandoerJagersfontein
DutchSolo, , Merchant NavyServantJagersfontein
AmericanStansberry, Edgar B., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchStarink, Evert Hendrik, Merchant Navy35PurserJagersfontein
AmericanSteiwer, Frederick H., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
BritishStone, Irene, Civilian38PassengerJagersfontein
BritishStone, Roger S., Civilian6PassengerJagersfontein
ChineseTam Som, , Merchant NavyCarpenterJagersfontein
ChineseTang Sing, , Merchant NavyLaundrymanJagersfontein
AmericanTaylor, Clyde M., US ArmyPassenger (Maj)Jagersfontein
DutchTinge, Willem, Merchant Navy29Assistant EngineerJagersfontein, Serooskerk +
AmericanTurner, John H., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchVisscher, Martha, Merchant Navy27StewardessJagersfontein
AmericanWagner, Stuart R., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanWalder, James B., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchWant, Marinus Johannes van der, Merchant Navy44Chief CookJagersfontein, Tjileboet +
DutchWarsi, , Merchant Navy27CookJagersfontein
AmericanWeinstein, Morton H., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanWhitelan, Frank R., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchWijn, Reindert de, Merchant Navy44Chief OfficerJagersfontein
BritishWilliams, R.J., DEMS gunnerJagersfontein
AmericanWillis, C. Charles, US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
AmericanWillis, Hugh F., US ArmyPassenger (Maj)Jagersfontein
AmericanWinfrey, Robley E., US ArmyPassenger (Capt)Jagersfontein
AmericanWise, John G., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein
DutchWurtz, Goose, Merchant Navy28Assistant StewardJagersfontein
AmericanZachry, Arthur L., US ArmyPassenger (1st Lt)Jagersfontein

211 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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