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Andrea F. Luckenbach

American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Andrea F. Luckenbach.

Aboard Andrea F. Luckenbach when hit on 10 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Antunes, Antonio, Merchant Marine39Chief CookAndrea F. Luckenbach
Ardine, Frank Daniel, Merchant Marine19Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Blazejewski, Alfred Edwin, Merchant Marine22Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach
Boell, Melvin Parke, USNR18Seaman Second ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Brown, Willard Clinton, Merchant Marine23OilerAndrea F. Luckenbach, Pierre Soulé
Butler, Rudolph Irving, Merchant Marine46Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach
Cabarubias, Regino, Merchant Marine35Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Cahilig, Rufino Reyes, Merchant Marine41Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Chaves, Antonio Ramos, Merchant Marine55Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Crimmins, William Joseph, USNSeaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Deters, Luke Herman, USNR18Seaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Diaz, Francisco Joaquin, Merchant Marine33Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach
Dobbins, John Cletus, USNR21Seaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Elmer, William Newman, Merchant Marine31Third MateAndrea F. Luckenbach
Ferreter, Marc Daniel, USNR18Seaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Flaherty, Edward Joseph, Merchant Marine30Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach
Garneau, Wilfred J., Merchant Marine20MessmanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Goldberg, Louis Theodore, Merchant Marine20Ordinary SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Grogan, Bernard, Merchant Marine25Ordinary SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Guerin, Robert Francis, Merchant Marine20Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Halldórsson, Jón Guðmundur, Merchant Marine25Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Hemmerle, Edward Francis, USNR20Seaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Hernandez, Pedro, Merchant Marine45CarpenterAndrea F. Luckenbach
Kelley, Henry Pearson, Merchant Marine24Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Kelly, John Paul, USNR26EnsignAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Lancaster, Ony Merle, Merchant Marine28MessmanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Lessard, Edmond Leo, USNR24CoxswainAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Lundergan, John Plunkett, Merchant Marine50Chief EngineerAndrea F. Luckenbach
Marquez, Anthony, Merchant Navy27OilerAndrea F. Luckenbach
Martinez, Sixto, Merchant Marine40Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach
McCann, Robert A., Merchant Marine23Second MateAndrea F. Luckenbach
Montabo, Fabucano, Merchant Marine42Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Muriel, Frank, Merchant Marine43MessmanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Nelson, Richard Eugene, Merchant Marine30OilerAndrea F. Luckenbach
Neslund, Rolf, Merchant Marine45MasterAndrea F. Luckenbach
O’Rear, Jack Mitchell, USN18Seaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach
Pedraza, Virgilio Reynold, Merchant Marine26WiperAndrea F. Luckenbach
Pfeffer, William B., Merchant MarineAble SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Phillips, Joyce Carlisle, USNRSeaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Polidulis, Dimitrios, Merchant Marine51Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach
Rentillo, Don Malbas, Merchant Marine31Second CookAndrea F. Luckenbach
Ryan, Robert, Merchant Marine19WiperAndrea F. Luckenbach
Stanton, George Raymond, Merchant Marine40Chief MateAndrea F. Luckenbach
Steele, Edward Clay, Merchant Marine29MessmanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Stephens, Joseph Frederick, Merchant Marine53StewardAndrea F. Luckenbach
Stevens, Howard A., Merchant Marine26Able SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach
Taylor, Lewis Hamilton, USNRSeaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Terrell, Robert Leroy, USNR20Seaman First ClassAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Valetsis, Nichols, Merchant Marine42Fireman/WatertenderAndrea F. Luckenbach +
Veoletis, John, Merchant Marine25Third CookAndrea F. Luckenbach
Yovn, Alexander, Merchant Marine24Ordinary SeamanAndrea F. Luckenbach +

51 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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