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British motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor merchant Shillong.

Aboard Shillong when hit on 5 Apr 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Aziz, , Merchant Navy39GreaserShillong +
Abdul Bashir, , Merchant NavyDonkeymanShillong +
Abdul Jawad, , Merchant Navy39BhandaryShillong +
Abdul Khair, , Merchant Navy45SeacunnyShillong +
Abdul Malik, , Merchant Navy53TindalShillong +
Adam Ali, , Merchant Navy53OilerShillong +
Ali, , Merchant Navy42SeamanShillong +
Asad Ali, , Merchant Navy42SeamanShillong +
Braganza, Espedocas, Merchant Navy43TopassShillong +
Cardozo, Candido, Merchant Navy38General ServantShillong +
Clowe, David Eric, Merchant NavyApprenticeShillong
Codd, Bernhard Stanley, Merchant Navy30Chief Engineer OfficerShillong +
Coleman, Kenneth Allerton, Merchant Navy19Third OfficerShillong +
Cordozo, Phil Liponerio, Merchant Navy48PantrymanShillong +
Curling, Cecil Edwin, Merchant Navy40Chief OfficerShillong +
Dias, M., Merchant NavyGeneral ServantShillong +
Dias, Minguel S., Merchant Navy38General ServantShillong +
Farmuz Ali, , Merchant Navy47FiremanShillong +
Fazl Ahmad, , Merchant Navy38SeacunnyShillong +
Fazl Rahman, , Merchant Navy57SerangShillong +
Fernandes, M.L., Merchant Navy36General ServantShillong +
Fernandez, Egidio Jovito, Merchant Navy35ButlerShillong +
Francis, Gerard, Merchant Navy20Fourth OfficerShillong +
Furtado, Josino, Merchant Navy36General ServantShillong +
Gomes, Jose Paul, Merchant Navy53Chief Cook/BakerShillong +
Habib Ullah, , Merchant Navy52TindalShillong +
Hadis Ullah, , Merchant Navy47CassabShillong +
Hillier, Cecil Frederick, British Army21Gunner (DEMS gunner)Shillong +
Hollow, James Harry, Merchant Navy49MasterShillong +
Husain Ali, , Merchant Navy62CassabShillong +
Inchan Ullah, , Merchant Navy50FiremanShillong +
Izzat Ali, , Merchant Navy51WinchmanShillong +
Kabir Mian, , Merchant Navy29SeamanShillong +
Kala Mian, , Merchant Navy33SeamanShillong +
Kala Mian, , Merchant Navy40SeamanShillong +
Khurshid Mian, , Merchant Navy27SeamanShillong +
Kilday, Ian, Merchant Navy21Engineer OfficerShillong +
Lawson, Harold Hutchinson, Merchant Navy36Engineer OfficerShillong +
Lindsay, Alan Meadow, Merchant Navy35Second OfficerShillong +
MacRae, William, Merchant Navy28Third Engineer OfficerShillong +
Main, Ronald, Merchant Navy22Second Radio OfficerShillong +
Majid Mian, , Merchant Navy44SeamanShillong +
Mallen, Frederick John, British Army22Gunner (DEMS gunner)Shillong +
Maqbul Ali, , Merchant Navy34FiremanShillong +
Mashir Ali, , Merchant Navy43GreaserShillong +
McBeath, James Burns, Merchant Navy52Chief Engineer OfficerShillong +
McKenzie, James Edward, RN40Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Shillong +
McKinlay, Peter Thomson, Merchant Navy41First Radio OfficerShillong +
Moore, Alan Bruce, Merchant NavyApprenticeShillong
Muhammad Zahid, , Merchant Navy32SeamanShillong +
Mukaram Ali, , Merchant Navy38FiremanShillong +
Munshi, , Merchant Navy22TopassShillong +
Nimar Ali, , Merchant Navy41SerangShillong +
Nur Ahmad, , Merchant Navy52SeamanShillong +
Nur Ahmad, , Merchant Navy39SeamanShillong +
Pereira, Jose, Merchant Navy45BoyShillong +
Pereira, T.T., Merchant Navy21ScullionShillong +
Price, Norman, Merchant Navy20Third OfficerShillong +
Purser, Bertie William, Merchant Navy27SailorShillong +
Rashid, , Merchant Navy44BhandaryShillong +
Rodrigues, Antonio Rosario, Merchant Navy24CookShillong +
Rodrigues, Emeterio, Merchant Navy29CookShillong +
Sahar Maluk, , Merchant Navy32SeacunnyShillong +
Sawab Ali, , Merchant Navy35DonkeymanShillong +
Seddon, Joseph Francis J., Merchant Navy24Third Radio OfficerShillong +
Shah Mian, , Merchant Navy38SeacunnyShillong +
Smith, William James, Merchant Navy38Second Engineer OfficerShillong +
Thomson, John Sturrock, Merchant Navy20Fifth Engineer OfficerShillong +
Too Kee, , Merchant NavyCarpenterShillong +
Zamir, , Merchant Navy33SeamanShillong +

70 persons found - for all attacks on this ship (2).

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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