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Siamese Prince

British motor merchant

Photo courtesy of Stuart Smith

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor merchant Siamese Prince.

Aboard Siamese Prince when hit on 17 Feb 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abas Ullah, , Merchant Navy42Engine Room SerangSiamese Prince +
Abas Ullah, , Merchant Navy29GreaserSiamese Prince +
Abdul Jalal, , Merchant Navy45Assistant StewardSiamese Prince +
Abdul Rashid, , Merchant Navy33GreaserSiamese Prince +
Abdul Razaq Bin Mahmud, , Merchant Navy27SailorSiamese Prince +
Alfonso, M., Merchant Navy28Second CookSiamese Prince +
Anfur Ullah, , Merchant Navy48GreaserSiamese Prince +
Bankey, , Merchant Navy30Saloon TopassSiamese Prince +
Barrett, Gordon Robert, RM33Marine (DEMS gunner)Siamese Prince +
Brown, Donald Edmund, Merchant Navy35Senior Second Engineer OfficerSiamese Prince +
Brush, Armitage Richard, Civilian68PassengerSiamese Prince +
Bujang Bin Awang, , Merchant Navy29SailorSiamese Prince +
Carter, Clarence Richard, Merchant Navy24Assistant EngineerSiamese Prince +
Cooper, Robert Henry, Merchant Navy22Assistant EngineerSiamese Prince +
Evans, Richard Griffith, Merchant Navy44Chief Engineer OfficerSiamese Prince +
Farida Bin Nabi, , Merchant Navy40SailorSiamese Prince +
Feku, , Merchant Navy46Assistant StewardSiamese Prince +
Hamid Bin Malsaman, , Merchant Navy34BhandarySiamese Prince +
Harmuz Ali, , Merchant Navy33GreaserSiamese Prince +
Hasan Ahmad, , Merchant Navy43Boatswain (Bosun)Siamese Prince +
Headon, Stephen Adams, Merchant Navy32Second OfficerSiamese Prince +
Holmes, Frederick George, Merchant Navy39Senior Fourth Engineer OfficerSiamese Prince +
Hughes, Henry Arthur, Civilian49PassengerSiamese Prince +
Hurrell, E. Gwynne, Civilian41PassengerSiamese Prince +
Ismail Bin Abdul Razaq, , Merchant Navy34SailorSiamese Prince +
Jalil Bin Karam Idi, , Merchant Navy37SailorSiamese Prince +
Jones, Robert, Merchant Navy37Chief OfficerSiamese Prince +
Khalid Bin Haji Anwari, , Merchant Navy36TopassSiamese Prince +
Kifayat, , Merchant Navy34Third CookSiamese Prince +
Kochi, , Merchant Navy39Assistant StewardSiamese Prince +
La Breche, Henry Charles, RCNVR22Ordinary Seaman (DEMS gunner)Siamese Prince +
Litchfield, Edgar, Merchant Navy50MasterSiamese Prince +
Lockie, Robert, Civilian62PassengerSiamese Prince +
Mackilligin, Alfred Marquis, Civilian59PassengerSiamese Prince +
Mantur Bin Adam, , Merchant Navy40QuartermasterSiamese Prince +
Moore, Cecil, Merchant Navy41Chief StewardSiamese Prince +
Morrison, Thomas Cuthbertson, Merchant Navy40Senior ElectricianSiamese Prince +
Muhammad Ibrahim Bin Haji Nur, , Merchant Navy41SailorSiamese Prince +
Muzaffar Mian, , Merchant Navy39GreaserSiamese Prince +
Nanang Bin Patola, , Merchant Navy34SailorSiamese Prince +
Nanke, , Merchant Navy30Saloon TopassSiamese Prince +
Nasib Ullah, , Merchant Navy34Fireman’s SerangSiamese Prince +
Nasir Ali, , Merchant Navy33GreaserSiamese Prince +
Penfold, Albert Ernest, Civilian56PassengerSiamese Prince +
Qasim Bin Awang, , Merchant Navy20SailorSiamese Prince +
Rahat Ullah, , Merchant Navy36GreaserSiamese Prince +
Robson, David, Merchant Navy21Assistant EngineerSiamese Prince +
Robson, George Alwyn, Merchant Navy26Junior Third Engineer OfficerSiamese Prince +
Rogers, Percival Arthur, Merchant Navy27Junior Fourth Engineer OfficerSiamese Prince +
Saleh Bin Usman, , Merchant Navy36CassabSiamese Prince +
Samuel Bin Astham, , Merchant Navy54QuartermasterSiamese Prince +
Shaw, Donald C., Merchant Navy62Passenger (DBS)Siamese Prince +
Sheikh Aziz, , Merchant Navy49Assistant StewardSiamese Prince +
Sheikh Yasin, , Merchant Navy50BhandarySiamese Prince +
Shepherd, Eric Forsyth, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerSiamese Prince +
Smith, Peter Stanton, Merchant Navy18ApprenticeSiamese Prince +
Stinson, John Sidney, Merchant Navy59Passenger (DBS)Siamese Prince +
Strachan, Robert Edwin, Merchant Navy40Radio OfficerSiamese Prince +
Tajamul Husain, , Merchant Navy38Chief CookSiamese Prince +
Tufor Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman’s SerangSiamese Prince +
Widdicombe, Roy Wilber Charles, Merchant Navy21Passenger (DBS)Siamese Prince +
Will, Martin, Merchant Navy44CarpenterSiamese Prince +
Williamson, Alan, Merchant Navy27Senior Third Engineer OfficerSiamese Prince +
Yaqub, , Merchant Navy52Second StewardSiamese Prince +
Yaqub Bin Ibrahim, , Merchant Navy25SailorSiamese Prince +
Young, Fritz Victor, Merchant Navy33Junior Second Engineer OfficerSiamese Prince +
Yusuf Bin Takar, , Merchant Navy47QuartermasterSiamese Prince +
Zaman Bin Bujang, , Merchant Navy32SailorSiamese Prince +

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