Ship losses by month

May 1944

This is the full listing of all ships hit during May 1944. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 May 1944U-181Kurt Freiwald Janeta5,312br
3 May 1944U-371Horst-Arno Fenski USS Menges (DE 320) (d.)1,200amGUS-38
3 May 1944U-473Heinz Sternberg USS Donnell (DE 56) (t.)1,400amCU-22
4 May 1944U-371Horst-Arno Fenski FFL Sénégalais (T 22) (d.)1,300frGUS-38
5 May 1944U-967Albrecht Brandi USS Fechteler (DE 157)1,300amGUS-38
6 May 1944U-129Richard von Harpe Anadyr5,278brTJ-30
7 May 1944U-548Eberhard Zimmermann HMCS Valleyfield (K 329)1,445caONM-234
9 May 1944U-230Paul Siegmann USS PC-558335am
11 May 1944U-129Richard von Harpe Empire Heath6,643br
11 May 1944U-9Klaus Petersen Shtorm (d.)412sj
12 May 1944U-24Martin Landt-Hayen SKA-037644sj
14 May 1944U-616Siegfried Koitschka Fort Fidler (d.)7,127brGUS-39
14 May 1944U-616Siegfried Koitschka G.S. Walden (d.)10,627brGUS-39
19 May 1944U-453Dierk Lührs Fort Missanabie7,147brHA-43
29 May 1944U-23Rolf-Birger Wahlen Smelyj71sj
29 May 1944U-549Detlev Krankenhagen USS Barr (DE 576) (d.)1,300am
29 May 1944U-549Detlev Krankenhagen USS Block Island (CVE 21)9,393am

11 ships sunk (38,368 tons) and 6 ships damaged (21,966 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).

This map shows where Allied ships were hit during May 1944

This map shows 17 positions of Allied ships hit by U-boats. You can click on any of the icons for more information on the ship involved.

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