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Algerine class

110 ships

The minesweeper HMS Rattler (J 217) of the Royal Navy. She was lost on 22 Aug 1944.

Technical information

Displacement850 BRT 
Length225 feet 
Complement85 men 
Armament1 4" AA gun
4 20mm guns (4x1) 
Max speed16.5 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts / Reciprocating (V.T.E.) engines, 2 shafts 
Power2000 SHP / 2000 IHP 
Notes on classThe Royal Canadian Navy ships of this class had no minesweeping gear fitted due to the fact that they served as convoy escorts during the war. 

All ships of the Algerine class

Reciprocating engined

Royal Canadian Navy Royal Canadian Navy (more on Royal Canadian Navy)

HMCS Border Cities (J 344)
HMCS Fort Frances (J 396)
HMCS Kapuskasing (J 326)
HMCS Middlesex (J 328)
HMCS New Liskeard (J 397)
HMCS Oshawa (J 330)
HMCS Portage (J 331)
HMCS Rockcliffe (J 355)
HMCS Sault Ste. Marie (J 334)
HMCS St. Boniface (J 332)
HMCS Wallaceburg (J 336)
HMCS Winnipeg (J 337)

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Larne (i)
HMS Lennox (i)
HMS Niger (ii)
HMS Antares (J 282)
HMS Arcturus (J 283)
HMS Aries (J 284)
HMS Bramble (ii) (J 273)
HMS Clinton (J 286)
HMS Cockatrice (J 229)
HMS Coquette (J 350)
HMS Courier (J 349)
HMS Felicity (J 369)
HMS Fierce (J 453)
HMS Fireball (J 464)
HMS Fly (J 306)
HMS Flying Fish (J 370)
HMS Friendship (J 398)
HMS Gabriel (J 465)
HMS Golden Fleece (J 376)
HMS Gozo (J 287)
HMS Happy Return (J 466)
HMS Hound (J 307)
HMS Hydra (J 275)
HMS Jaseur (J 428)
HMS Laertes (ii) (J 433)
HMS Larne (ii) (J 274)
HMS Lennox (ii) (J 276)
HMS Lightfoot (J 288)
HMS Lioness (J 377)
HMS Lysander (ii) (J 379)
HMS Maenad (J 335)
HMS Magicienne (J 436)
HMS Mameluke (J 437)
HMS Mandate (J 438)
HMS Mariner (ii) (J 380)
HMS Marmion (ii) (J 381)
HMS Marvel (J 443)
HMS Mary Rose (ii) (J 360)
HMS Melita (J 289)
HMS Michael (J 444)
HMS Minstrel (J 445)
HMS Moon (ii) (J 329)
HMS Myrmidon (J 454)
HMS Mystic (J 455)
HMS Nerissa (J 456)
HMS Nicator (J 457)
HMS Niger (iii) (J 442)
HMS Nonpareil (ii) (J 459)
HMS Nox (J 459)
HMS Octavia (J 290)
HMS Odin (J 460)
HMS Orcadia (J 462)
HMS Orestes (J 277)
HMS Ossory (J 463)
HMS Pelorus (J 291)
HMS Persian (J 347)
HMS Pluto (J 446)
HMS Polaris (J 447)
HMS Postillion (J 296)
HMS Prompt (J 378)
HMS Providence (ii) (J 325)
HMS Pyrrhus (J 448)
HMS Rattlesnake (J 297)
HMS Regulus (ii) (J 327) Lost on 12 Jan 1945
HMS Romola (J 449)
HMS Rosamund (J 439)
HMS Rowena (J 384)
HMS Seabear (ii) (J 333)
HMS Serene (J 354)
HMS Skipjack (ii) (J 300)
HMS Stormcloud (J 367)
HMS Styx (J 440)
HMS Sylvia (J 382)
HMS Tanganyika (J 383)
HMS Thisbe (J 302)
HMS Truelove (J 303)
HMS Waterwitch (J 304)
HMS Wave (J 385)
HMS Welcome (J 386)
HMS Welfare (J 356)

Turbine engined

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Acute (J 106)
HMS Alarm (J 140) Lost on 2 Jan 1943
HMS Albacore (J 101)
HMS Algerine (J 213) Lost on 15 Nov 1942
HMS Brave (J 305)
HMS Cadmus (J 230)
HMS Chameleon (J 387)
HMS Cheerful (J 388)
HMS Circe (J 214)
HMS Espiegle (J 216)
HMS Fancy (J 308)
HMS Fantome (J 224)
HMS Hare (J 389)
HMS Jewel (J 390)
HMS Liberty (J 391)
HMS Lysander (i)
HMS Mariner (i)
HMS Marmion (i)
HMS Mary Rose (i)
HMS Moon (i)
HMS Mutine (J 227)
HMS Onyx (J 221)
HMS Pickle (J 293)
HMS Pincher (J 294)
HMS Plucky (J 295)
HMS Providence (i)
HMS Rattler (J 217) (Renamed HMS Loyalty in June 1943.) Lost on 22 Aug 1944
HMS Ready (J 223)
HMS Recruit (J 298)
HMS Rifleman (J 299)
HMS Rinaldo (J 225)
HMS Rosario (J 219)
HMS Seabear (i)
HMS Spanker (J 226)
HMS Squirrel (J 301) Lost on 24 Jul 1945
HMS Vestal (J 215) Lost on 26 Jul 1945

110 Minesweepers (111 names) of the Algerine class. 6 of them were lost.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

See all Minesweeper classes.

Algerine class ships hit by U-boats (1)

22 Aug 1944HMS RattlerSunkU-480

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