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Bathurst class

60 ships

Technical information

Displacement1025 BRT 
Length186 feet 
Complement80 men 
Armament1 4" gun
1 40mm Bofors gun
2 20mm AA guns
depth charges 
Max speed15 knots
Notes on classArmament of these ships was highly variable.

Only 2 of these ships are still in existence, HMAS Castlemaine as a floating museum ship at Williamstown, Victoria, and HMAS Whyalla as a tourist display at Whyalla, South Australia.

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All ships of the Bathurst class

Royal Australian Navy Royal Australian Navy (more on Royal Australian Navy)

HMAS Ararat (K 34)
HMAS Armidale (J 240) Lost on 1 Dec 1942
HMAS Ballarat (J 184)
HMAS Bathurst (J 158)
HMAS Benalla (J 323)
HMAS Bendigo (J 187)
HMAS Bowen (J 285)
HMAS Broome (J 191)
HMAS Bunbury (J 241)
HMAS Bundaberg (J 231)
HMAS Burnie (J 198)
HMAS Cairns (J 183)
HMAS Castlemaine (J 244)
HMAS Cessnock (J 175)
HMAS Colac (J 242)
HMAS Cootamundra (J 316)
HMAS Cowra (J 351)
HMAS Deloraine (J 232)
HMAS Dubbo (J 251)
HMAS Echuca (J 252)
HMAS Fremantle (J 246)
HMAS Gawler (J 188)
HMAS Geelong (J 201) Lost on 18 Oct 1944
HMAS Geraldton (J 178)
HMAS Gladstone (J 324)
HMAS Glenelg (J 236)
HMAS Goulburn (J 167)
HMAS Gympie (J 238)
HMAS Horsham (J 235)
HMAS Inverell (J 233)
HMAS Ipswich (J 186)
HMAS Junee (J 362)
HMAS Kalgoorlie (J 192)
HMAS Kapunda (J 218)
HMAS Katoomba (J 204)
HMAS Kiama (J 353)
HMAS Latrobe (J 234)
HMAS Launceston (J 179)
HMAS Lismore (J 145)
HMAS Lithgow (J 206)
HMAS Maryborough (J 195)
HMAS Mildura (J 207)
HMAS Parkes (J 361)
HMAS Pirie (J 189)
HMAS Rockhampton (J 203)
HMAS Shepparton (J 248)
HMAS Stawell (J 348)
HMAS Strahan (J 363)
HMAS Tamworth (J 181)
HMAS Toowoomba (J 157)
HMAS Townsville (J 205)
HMAS Wagga (J 315)
HMAS Wallaroo (J 222) Lost on 11 Jun 1943
HMAS Warrnambool (J 202) Lost on 13 Sep 1947
HMAS Whyalla (J 153)
HMAS Wollongong (J 172)

Royal Indian Navy Royal Indian Navy (more on Royal Indian Navy)

HMIS Assam (J 322)
HMIS Bengal (J 243)
HMIS Bombay (J 249)
HMIS Gondwana (J 321)
HMIS Madras (ii) (J 237)
HMIS Punjab (J 239)
HMIS Sind (J 320)

60 Minesweepers of the Bathurst class. 4 of them were lost.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

See all Minesweeper classes.

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