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Escort destroyers

Hunt (Type II) class

36 ships

The escort destroyer HMS Calpe (L 71) of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

TypeEscort destroyer
Displacement1050 BRT 
Length85.3 m 
Complement164 men 

6 4" AA guns (3x2)
4 2pdr AA (1x4)
2 20mm AA (2x1)  

Max speed29 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power19000 HP 
Notes on class

Modified Hunt (Type I)-class escort destroyers. Their beam was increased to overcome stability problems so that the 3rd twin 4" AA guns could be mounted as originally designed. 

All ships of the Hunt (Type II) class

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Avon Vale (L 06)
HMS Badsworth (L 03) (To the Royal Norwegian Navy as Arendal)
HMS Beaufort (L 14)
HMS Bedale (L 26) (To the Polish Navy as Slazak)
HMS Bicester (L 34)
HMS Blackmore (L 43)
HMS Blankney (L 30)
HMS Blencathra (L 24)
HMS Bramham (L 51) (To the Royal Hellenic Navy as Themistocles)
HMS Brocklesby (L 42)
HMS Calpe (L 71)
HMS Chiddingfold (L 31)
HMS Cowdray (L 52)
HMS Croome (L 62)
HMS Dulverton (L 63) Lost on 13 Nov 1943
HMS Eridge (L 68)
HMS Exmoor (ii) (L 08)
HMS Farndale (L 70)
HMS Grove (L 77) Lost on 12 Jun 1942
HMS Heythrop (L 85) Lost on 20 Mar 1942
HMS Hursley (L 84) (To the Royal Hellenic Navy as Kriti)
HMS Hurworth (L 28) Lost on 22 Oct 1943
HMS Lamerton (L 88)
HMS Lauderdale (L 95)
HMS Ledbury (L 90)
HMS Liddesdale (L 100)
HMS Middleton (L 74)
HMS Oakley (i) (L 72) (To the Polish Navy as Kujawiak)
HMS Oakley (ii) (L 98)
HMS Puckeridge (L 108) Lost on 6 Sep 1943
HMS Silverton (L 115) (To the Polish Navy as Krakowiak)
HMS Southwold (L 10) Lost on 24 Mar 1942
HMS Tetcott (L 99)
HMS Wheatland (L 122)
HMS Wilton (L 128)
HMS Zetland (L 59)

Royal Norwegian Navy Royal Norwegian Navy (more on Royal Norwegian Navy)

HNoMS Arendal (L 03)

Polish Navy Polish Navy (more on Polish Navy)

ORP Krakowiak (L 115) (ex. HMS Silverton)
ORP Kujawiak (L 72) (ex. HMS Oakley (i)) Lost on 16 Jun 1942
ORP Slazak (L 26) (ex. HMS Bedale)

Royal Hellenic Navy Royal Hellenic Navy (more on Royal Hellenic Navy)

RHS Admiral Hastings (L 52) (ex. HMS Cowdray)
RHS Aegion (L 06) (ex. HMS Avon Vale)
RHS Kriti (L 84) (ex. HMS Hursley)
RHS Themistocles (L 51) (ex. HMS Bramham)

36 Escort destroyers (44 names) of the Hunt (Type II) class. 7 of them were lost.

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Hunt (Type II) class ships hit by U-boats (3)

12 Jun 1942HMS GroveSunkU-77
20 Mar 1942HMS HeythropSunkU-652
6 Sep 1943HMS PuckeridgeSunkU-617

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