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Polish Navy

The Polish Navy

The D class light cruiser ORP Dragon (D 46) of the Polish Navy. She was lost on 8 Jul 1944.

The pre-war Polish Navy, was not a big one and not strong enough to defend the Polish coast from a larger Navy like the German Kriegsmarine. The Navy consisted of 4 destroyers (Burza, Grom, Wicher and Blyskawica), the minelayer Gryf, 5 submarines (Orzel, Sep, Zbik, Wilk and Rys) and a number of smaller vessels. 3 destroyers were sent to Britain just before the war, to be saved from German hands. Thus in the Baltic Sea only 2 big surface vessels and 5 submarines stayed behind to defend the Polish coast.

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Ships of the Polish Navy

   Submarines (8)
   Destroyers (7)
   Motor Torpedo Boats (6)
   Minesweepers (6)
   Motor Anti-Submarine Boats (3)
   Escort destroyers (3)
   Gunboats (2)
   Light cruisers (2)
   Minelayer (1)
   Torpedo boat (1)

39 warships of 10 types.

War losses
According to our files the Polish Navy lost 12 warships during WWII (30.77%). See them all here.