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Þrautgóðir á raunastund, vol 3

By Lúðvíksson, Steinar J.
(Resourceful in difficult moments)
1971, Örn og Örlygur, Reykjavík
book is in Icelandic language

Descripton: These books, more than 10 volumes, cover the history of the National Lifesaving Association of Iceland from its origin in 1928 to present day. Volume 3 deals with 1942 - 1948 and contains information on the Icelandic vessels lost during the war, including Topp's sinking of Reykjaborg in 1941 and when the trawler Skallagrímur rescued the crew of the sinking German Milk Cow U-464 in 1942. Somewhat inaccurate related to the U-boats due to poor sources but still a very fine book.