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Krasnoznamienniy Baltiyskiy Flot v zaveryayushchiy period velikoy otechestvyennoy voyni 1944-1945 gg.

By Atchkasov, V.I., editor
(Red Banner Baltic Fleet In The Closing Phase Of The Great Patriotic War 1944-1945)
1975, Izdatel'stvo Nauka, Moskva
Hardcover, 488 pages, maps, foldout map, photos and tables
book is in Russian language

Descripton: An extensive outline of Soviet Baltic Fleet activities in the last year of WWII, with chapters on every facet of the BF operations, from coastal artillery to Lake Ladoga Navy, to amphibious operations, to naval aviation, to communications, meteorology, medical services, and of course Soviet submarine operations as well as ASW measures, including a detailed history of sinking and then salvaging the U-250.