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Battle Beneath the Waves

The U-Boat War

By Stern, Robert C.
1999, Arms & Armour
ISBN 1854092006
Hardcover, 272 pages, 46 b&w photos

Descripton: Using many primary sources and first-person accounts, the author presents some of the most dramatic and exciting incidents of U-boat warfare from both world wars. U-boats covered: From World War I: U-9, UC-74, UB-81, U-152, UB-68 (Dönitz). From World War II: U-47 (Prien), U-556 (Wohlfarth), U-156 (Hartenstein), U-185 (Maus), U-167, U-66, U-1059, U-821, U-371, U-534, and U-977.

This is one of the small but growing number of books to credit as a source in the bibliography.

From the review: This excellent book presents some of the most exciting, unusual, tragic, or simply strange occurrences in U-boat warfare, both famous incidents and those not so well-known, of both world wars (see the main entry for this book for a complete listing o ...
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U-boats of WWII. U-156
U-boats of WWII. U-167
U-boats of WWII. U-185
U-boats of WWII. U-371
U-boats of WWII. U-47
U-boats of WWII. U-534
U-boats of WWII. U-556
U-boats of WWII. U-66
U-boats of WWII. U-821
U-boats of WWII. U-977

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